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September 20, 2008

Ian Poulter

Justin Rose


IAN POULTER: Awesome. When we saw the pairing this morning, it was kind of like, lets get out there and finish the job off from yesterday. There was a lot of unfinished business out there yesterday, which was really disappointing, but today was flawless golf. In foursomes, we've said for a while that we feel that's a strong pairing, and it was awesome out there today.

Q. You've dreamt about it for a long time, you and Poults doing it in the Ryder Cup. It's happening, it's true, it's real.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, no doubt about it. Today was great. I think -- we said yesterday, getting the point in the afternoon was big for us, gave us confidence coming into today, and actually the experience that we gained yesterday was exactly the same situation. We had a good lead and started to fritter it away. It's amazing how tense you do get and you suddenly can't see yourself winning another hole.
But that's how the experience of yesterday really helped us dig in there and finish the job off today, which was great.

Q. Were you surprised when you saw the team lineup this morning?
IAN POULTER: No, not really. I think there was guys that were tired, guys that wanted to have a rest, and that's why you've got 12 men in your side. You've got 12 great golfers. At times they need to be rested.
I think they played all 12 of their guys yesterday, we didn't. It might have showed. But today we've come out -- look at the board; it's strong. So hopefully we can finish matches 2 and 3 off. If somehow we can get something out of that last game, we could be all tied going into the afternoon. I'm buzzing.

Q. Justin, did you have a word amongst yourselves, amongst the players last night with what needed to be done this morning?
JUSTIN ROSE: Well, I think we all just knew that we had it in perspective. We knew that 51/2-21/2 wasn't a great day, but you're one session away from tying it or even going into the lead. So I think from that perspective there was a long way to go.
Yesterday was a long day. We all got back to the hotel really late. So there wasn't much to be said, other than the fact that there's a long way to go.

Q. Would you like to play this afternoon?
JUSTIN ROSE: What do you reckon, Poults?
IAN POULTER: We're going to talk to Nick now, as well. There's a lot of lads playing well, a lot of lads chomping at the bit. Sometimes you've got to look at the bigger picture, as well, so we'll make a good decision.

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