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September 19, 2008

Chad Campbell

Stewart Cink


Q. Talk about the match.
CHAD CAMPBELL: We had a tough stretch down the front nine, but we knew there was a lot of golf left and kept fighting hard. Couldn't get my man Stewart in the fairway, but we fought hard and were able to get a win out of it.

Q. The shot you hit at 18 to be able to halve that second shot on 18. What did that do for your confidence there?
CHAD CAMPBELL: He just mashed that drive. It was a perfect 5-iron for me, and it was great. I hit that shot and had chills. It was awesome.

Q. How tough was it to keep yourself level mentally given the front nine?
CHAD CAMPBELL: You know, it was tough, but you know there's a lot of golf left. You've got to keep fighting and take one shot at a time.

Q. That was a wonderful point for the U.S?
CHAD CAMPBELL: It was. We started on the front nine and I couldn't get Stewart in the fairway, but I definitely knew one shot at a time and we could fight our way back into it, and we did.

Q. Did you believe at one point you weren't going to get back in the match?
CHAD CAMPBELL: No, actually we didn't. We said, we're positive, knew there was a lot of golf left. We went 3-down, and Stewart hit a great shot on the next hole to really get us rolling.

Q. You hit an awesome last shot into that lost hole. What was going through your head when you stood over that?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Well, first Stewart hit an awesome drive and got me down there with a perfect 5-iron. That's what we play for, to have shots like that.

Q. You guys dug yourself a pretty good hole but you got out of it?
STEWART CINK: I told Chad on No. 8 when we were 3-down and won that hole to go 2-down, my buddy at home says he's never been 2-down but he's been 2 & 0. We didn't play perfectly, but we recovered from our mistakes, made a couple birdies, just picked away at it, and it's amazing what happens when you start putting some pressure on them.

Q. Captain Azinger said that that was probably the most important point of the morning matches, your point that you just won?
STEWART CINK: Any time that you turn the scoreboard around from being blue to being red, that's always not only a boost to our confidence for the rest of the week, but also the rest of our teammates get a boost from that. We understand -- both of us, we didn't verbalize it, but we understood how important that was, and to pull back even and end up 1-up was huge.

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