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September 19, 2008

Justin Leonard

Hunter Mahan


Q. Hunter, you got off to that tough start off the first two holes, what's going through your mind at that point?
HUNTER MAHAN: Well, we have a lot of work left and we knew we could play better than that so we've just got to keep going and win one hole and then try to win two and then three.

Q. It's been a long wait since 1999 and you came back in high style and you got your first point; how do you feel?
JUSTIN LEONARD: Feels great. I told Hunter, I lost the first two holes for us on purpose. But we had a lot of fun out there today and we're look forward to this afternoon.

Q. You got off to a shaky start to say the least.
JUSTIN LEONARD: Yeah, we are just kind of feeling our way around. Made a bad swing on 2 but came back and made a good swing on 3.
We lost the first couple of holes, and if anything, that just took a little pressure off and the rest of the day we played very solid.

Q. Where was the point when you thought it might turn around in your favour?
HUNTER MAHAN: Well, it was just a bunch of streaks. We were just trying to get ahead and we did, but we played really well on the back nine here. We missed two short putts there but we played great today and extremely excited about how we finished.

Q. You're a pick and you played the first morning and you won a point; does that feel pretty good?
HUNTER MAHAN: Best day of my life, man.
JUSTIN LEONARD: I think we are going to go out together this afternoon so we are excited about that.

Q. What's it like getting that first point for the American side?
HUNTER MAHAN: It's great. This is an incredible event. Proud to be here and excited to be here and you want to get a good point, and to do it, is just an incredible feeling really.

Q. You guys didn't halve a hole until No. 8. It was just back and forth like a boxing match.
JUSTIN LEONARD: It was back and forth and to lose the first two and to come back and win three in a row, I think losing the first two relaxed me some, and we started hitting some good shots and good putts and could have made a couple more birdies from the back nine but played very solid. Just get the ball in the fairway and get it on the green.

Q. What's the plan for this afternoon? Is this a good team we're going to see in the after moon?
HUNTER MAHAN: I think so, we're going to get a little bit of rest and come back out this afternoon.

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