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September 14, 2008

Shanshan Feng


ASHLEY CUSHMAN: All right. Let's do your score card before we get started. Your birdie on three.
SHANSHAN FENG: Actually, I don't really remember that.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Par-4, 350 yards.
SHANSHAN FENG: Third shot, I hit a little left. It was in the rough, just by the bunker, and then I hit 9-iron for -- no. It was 11 iron, sorry -- for 105, and I hit it to eight feet, and I made the putt.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Okay. Eagle on 4.
SHANSHAN FENG: Eagle on 4. I had a big drive, and the second shot, I used 7-iron -- no. 6-iron. I hit 6-iron, and it went to just -- I don't remember. It went six feet over the hole, and then I made the putt.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: All right. Birdie on 6.
SHANSHAN FENG: Birdie on 6. Oh, the par 5, also I had a very big drive, and then I had 200 front, and then I hit high grade with the downwind, I hit it over the green, and then I chip it to just miss the hole.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Okay. And bogey on 9.
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, that shot I had 100 front, and I was planning to hit the ball to the front and let it jump out, and I just hit it a little short, so it stayed down, in front of the green. And I chipped eight feet over the hole and then I just 2-putt.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: All right. Bogey on 11.
SHANSHAN FENG: Bogey on 11. Second shot I hit it from the bunker, so I couldn't stop the ball. It just went over the green in the rough, and I chip it way short, like six yards -- 16 feet for par, and I couldn't make it.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: 2-putt again?
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: All right. Birdie on 16. Another big drive.
SHANSHAN FENG: Yeah. Another big drive, and then second shot I used 5-iron, was a little bit downwind, hit it just a little bit short to the hole for 12 feet, and I just lipped out, just missed.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: All right. Birdie on 18.
SHANSHAN FENG: Birdie on 18, second shot I hit 11- iron for 107 -- 104, and then I hit 11-iron just left of the tee like three feet, and I made the putt.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: All right. Shanshan, thanks for coming in and joining us again today.
SHANSHAN FENG: You're welcome.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Great competition for you, career best second-place finish on the LPGA Tour.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: How do you feel about that?
SHANSHAN FENG: Actually, I was pretty nervous at the last hole because I had a chance to win, but I had to make a birdie. And I hit a very great shot, just three feet by the hole, and I made it. So I was really happy, but I know that was what I could do already. I tried my best.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Did you put a lot of pressure on yourself on that 18th hole knowing you needed to put the pressure on Angela who was in the group behind you to maybe force a playoff?
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, because I had couple times chances to win earlier this year, so I'm thinking about the win, so I was trying. Yeah, I was close. I know.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: You'll get there.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: All right. Questions for Shanshan.

Q. Four eagles this tournament. I think you said you had one coming in.

Q. Talk a little bit about the eagles, and another one today. 4 and 16th hole seem to be the ones that work well for you, and you almost eagled 16 again today.
SHANSHAN FENG: Yeah, because like I said, I always have big drives at par 5s. I don't know why. (Laughs). And then it just makes it easier to get on the green.
And I always putt well on the par 5s. That's why. (Laughs).
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: You mentioned on TV, you said earlier this year at a player meeting that you were going to donate some of your money to the china earthquake victims.
SHANSHAN FENG: That was before the Corning Classic.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Before the Corning Classic? That's right. Are you going to continue to follow up with that or what are your plans for that?
SHANSHAN FENG: I don't really have a plan yet because I didn't know that I could play this good this week, so I don't know. I'll decide later.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Like what percentage of your earnings you're going to give?
SHANSHAN FENG: I don't know yet. I'm not sure.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Okay. Somebody wanted me to ask you that.

Q. You talked about the drives. Were you driving longer today than you normally do or is that kind of part of your game?
SHANSHAN FENG: I think it's just part of my game, I think. It's my driving range is like 260, just a little bit past 260. And I think I'm top 20 on the LPGA, so it's just normal.

Q. I know this is your rookie year, but when you get this close to a win like this, does it just make you that much hungrier to get over the hump and get one?
SHANSHAN FENG: Oh, actually when I was on the course, I felt a little hungry at the last couple holes, but I didn't pay attention because I was focusing, and like I really want to win, but I know I'm still young, so I will have more chances.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Any more questions? All right. Congratulations.

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