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September 14, 2008

Angela Stanford


JASON TAYLOR: Let's go through your scorecard. No. 1.
ANGELA STANFORD: No. 1, I hit a gap wedge to about four feet, made the putt.
Number 2, just picked the wrong club, and the wind gusted and just drafted into the bunker, and it didn't roll down into the bunker. It stayed close to the lip. So I barely got it out of the bunker, chipped onto like eight feet and missed the bogey putt.
And No. 3, a little knock-down lob wedge to like 11 feet maybe, made the putt.
ANGELA STANFORD: 6, it was actually the first time I've ever gone for that green in two. I hit a 3-wood, just past pin high on the right, chipped to six, seven feet, made the putt.
JASON TAYLOR: Okay. Bogey on 7.
ANGELA STANFORD: 7, same kind of thing. I kind of had a funny lie. The ball was in the first cut. Should have hit one more club, and it looked like the wind knocked it down instead of carrying it into the bunker, chipped it to like 20 feet, missed par putt.
8, hit a really bad 7-iron out to the right, and hit a really bad chip. And then I had maybe 12 feet for par off the green, missed.
JASON TAYLOR: Number 12, bogey.
ANGELA STANFORD: It was the first time I missed that fairway all week. I hit it left into the bunker off the tee. It was just a lot of sand in the bunkers. Hit a really bad second shot, 40 yards -- well, then I had 50 yards on my third shot, and hit a pretty decent shot there and missed like an 8-footer for par.
JASON TAYLOR: And eagle on 16.
ANGELA STANFORD: 16, hit driver, good solid 4-iron to it looked like 25, 30 feet for eagle and just couple feet coming back at it.
JASON TAYLOR: All right. Well, congratulations, once again.
JASON TAYLOR: First victory since '03. Just how excited are you right now?
ANGELA STANFORD: I'm more relieved than excited. I'm sure I'll be excited later, but just relieved that I did it again.
I honestly believe the second time is harder, because the first time you don't really know it's happening when it happens, and then you just try to do it again. You try to duplicate it, and I've been trying, and probably too hard a lot. So it feels good.
JASON TAYLOR: Good. Questions?

Q. That last ball during that last putt, how hard was that for you to concentrate?
ANGELA STANFORD: (Laughs). I tell you, the funny part is I saw Katherine's ball and how fast that ball was and I kept telling myself it's going to speed up; it's going to speed up. Just get it going, and then I saw it take off past the hole, and I thought, oh, boy. It's more drama than I wanted on the last hole.
I really told myself just keep my hands moving and hit it solid back into the cup. I don't even remember seeing it going into the hole, to tell you the truth.

Q. And the reaction from your fans?
ANGELA STANFORD: That felt great. I didn't get that my first time, the first win in '03. So I'm very fortunate and very blessed to have friends out here that are so awesome and they're so sweet to hang around, and they're great.
JASON TAYLOR: Talk a little bit about your putting today, because I know you struggled a little bit. You could have put it away on 17 pretty much with a birdie there and missed that putt. What was the struggle there?
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, first off, on 17, as good as that shot looked, that was a tough putt. I mean the green, and I'd just seen Shanshan was right in front of me, and I saw her putt go hard left, so I knew it was going to move hard.
And being that close to the hole, you still gotta kind of hit it to get it on line, and I thought I'd never think about lagging a 3-footer in my life, and then I got over it and I'm like, well, just make it. And I'm thinking about lagging it and then you hit it and you're just trying to make it and it's not a good combination.
JASON TAYLOR: 3-footer?
JASON TAYLOR: And how long was the one on 18 that you missed for birdie?
ANGELA STANFORD: Oh, I'd say 12 feet.

Q. You said on The Golf Channel that you almost feel like a different golfer now. Talk a little bit more about how this time's different than the first time.
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, this is my eighth year on Tour. And it's like anything. You know, I won in my third year, and I feel like I'm a different person now. I mean just five years of experience and hopefully matured a little bit. You know, I'm hitting the ball a little differently. I think about my short game differently.
I think it's with anybody. You know, you kind of grow up, and you know, winning in your third year and winning in your eighth year, you've seen a lot of peaks and valleys in five years. So I think I'm a different person just because of the experience.

Q. (Question inaudible. No microphone.)
ANGELA STANFORD: Well, I think just confidence wise, and it reassures you that you can do it. And you know, I think just dealing with the nerves that you deal with, holding a lead and playing with a lead, and I mean you learn from that. And if you conquer it, you take confidence from that going into the next time.
So it's one of those -- my instructor calls it the spring-back. It springs you forward and you always come back a little bit, but I think any time you win it really throws you out there because it just boosts your confidence so much.

Q. Talk about your putt on 17, and I hear they are going to make some changes to the course.
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah, you know, and coming in here the first couple years I played here I wanted to blow them up. But you know, it gives it character. It makes you think of your way around the golf course.
You have to hit great golf shots to put it in certain places. So I mean obviously I'm sitting here, I'm sad to see them go. (Laughs). But I think there are some extremes. There are some extreme slopes out there that they could probably level off a little bit.
JASON TAYLOR: Good. All right. Thank you. Congratulations.

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