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September 13, 2008

Angela Stanford


JASON TAYLOR: All right, Angela, thanks for coming in. Great round. Four-shot lead heading into the final day. 12 under overall, 5 under today. Everything seem to go well for you today.
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah. Started out kind of shaky, settled in on the backside and just fortunate to have some flags that we could go out and some good numbers. So just really kind of got into a rhythm there in the back.
JASON TAYLOR: All right. Let's go through that scorecard. Started with a bogey on 3.
ANGELA STANFORD: You know, that one -- we really had a hard time on the front side with the wind. I mean, it seem to be swirling more than anything. And I felt like, you know, if we hit a 135-shot, just a little whole (inaudible) iron it would be perfect.
The volunteer at the green said it did hit the green and then just took a huge bounce. So I'm sure that the greens started firming up and, you know, that's just a tough pin placement. Probably should have played left of it.
JASON TAYLOR: Birdie on 5.
ANGELA STANFORD: Hit a really good wedge in there to like six feet, made the putt.
JASON TAYLOR: Birdie on 7.
ANGELA STANFORD: That one hit a really good second shot. I was kind of in the first cut of the rough, kind of below my feet going away from me. Hit a really good sand wedge to like eight feet, made the putt.
JASON TAYLOR: Okay. Bogey on 9.
ANGELA STANFORD: Kind of rushed on that tee box and made a bad swing and hit it in the bunker.
There's so much sand in these bunkers that it's just too fluffy sometimes. And I hit a bad shot and thought I hit a really good chip and must have hit a pitch mark and kicked it left and killed it, and that was just, that was just bad.
JASON TAYLOR: All right. Back nine a little better.
JASON TAYLOR: Birdie on 11.
ANGELA STANFORD: Hit a good tee shot. Hit a -- believe it was a gap wedge to like ten feet, made the putt.
JASON TAYLOR: Then four in a row starting on 13.
ANGELA STANFORD: 13 was a Par 5. I must have gotten a really good kick on my tee shot because we only had like 185 to the front. So hit a seven-wood. It was still into the wind, so I hit it into that front bunker and hit a great bunker shot to like three feet.
ANGELA STANFORD: 14 hit a really good -- got away with a 9-iron. I didn't really hit it that good but it carried just enough. I was trying to keep it below that pin, and I think that was like seven feet.
ANGELA STANFORD: 15, I hit a really good pitching wedge. My instructor at home will be very proud of that one. The wind was blowing right to left and kind of down and I kind of held it off a little bit so I wouldn't turn over right to left and just stuck it to three feet.
JASON TAYLOR: All right. Finally, birdie on 16, Par 5.
ANGELA STANFORD: Hit driver, got away with a 7-wood. Actually went a lot further than I thought it would. I think we were just short a pin high, chipped it to two feet, made it.
JASON TAYLOR: All right. Questions?

Q. You said yesterday it was your best round you ever played at this course. Is this the best back nine you've ever played at this course?
ANGELA STANFORD: It might be the best back nine I've ever played. I don't even know what that adds up to. I don't even know. But, yeah, the best back nine here by far.

Q. When you are having trouble with the wind like that the, how did you overcome it on the back nine or did it just die down?
ANGELA STANFORD: It seem to be more consistent on the back nine. I'm not sure why.
You know, my caddie does a really good job at knowing where it's suppose to be coming from and, you know, we just -- we were just more committed to some of the numbers that we were playing. It seemed to be more consistent on the back for some reason. I don't know why.

Q. It sounds like you were surprised by a few of your shots in that four birdie run there. Do you think the wind played into at all?
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah. The 9-iron on 14, the Par 3, it probably carried it onto the green. It probably shouldn't have made the green.
The 7-wood on 16, you know, when I got over the ball it felt like, you know, around that tree the wind was going to be right to left. And I really don't know how that 7-wood went that far because I hit it thin; maybe that was the reason why. But it seemed like once it got past the tree it carried it, so it must have been the wind a couple times.

Q. With the lead, is there pressure going into Sunday or just game plan -- do you just kind of stick to what, I guess, has been helping you throughout the last two days particularly?
ANGELA STANFORD: You know, I'm having such a good time playing this golf course that I'm going to kind of stick with that. I'm excited about tomorrow again. It's been awhile since I've been in this position, and I'm just having so much fun this week that, you know, I don't think there's any pressure.

Q. You are from Saginaw, Texas; right? Where is that located?
ANGELA STANFORD: Just north of Fort Worth.

Q. Because of the hurricane and all I wanted -- well I guess if you can give your thought about that? I know Texas is getting hammered right now.
ANGELA STANFORD: Yeah. My parents both work for the city in Saginaw, and I know they were preparing for evacuees. I think we were suppose to just get wind and rain up there. But, you know, I was praying for those people last night and this morning because they're Texans.
And any time there's a hurricane or, you know, a natural disaster like that you pray for those people. But being from my home state, you know, just watching it on TV, it's heart breaking, and I hope people got out of there.
JASON TAYLOR: All right. Thanks so much.

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