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September 13, 2008

Angela Park


JASON TAYLOR: Thanks, Angela for coming in.
Six under overall right now. Just talk about how you did today.
ANGELA PARK: I think the bogey on the last hole was a little sour taste, but I can't put myself down because of it. I played so well coming into this tournament. And I played well today especially. But, like I said, it's a sour taste finishing bogey on the last hole, but I think I'm going have to deal with it. What's done is done. So hopefully I'll go out there tomorrow and not have those bogeys.
JASON TAYLOR: All right. Questions?

Q. 68, 73, 69 pretty consistent through the first few rounds. With the weather changing and the winds and all that how have you been able to keep an even keel all the way through?
ANGELA PARK: I think it's putting. I didn't putt very well yesterday which I think hurt me a little bit for the tournament. But I went out there today and said, I'm going to go as slow as I can.
Obviously, it's windy and tough conditions but everyone is playing really well. We'll just see how it goes tomorrow.

Q. What's your mindset going into tomorrow? Do you want to play real aggressively, or what's your thought as far as to make up what little ground you've got between yourself and the top?
ANGELA PARK: I think I am going to play aggressive. But I always play aggressive, so there's no change to that. But hopefully I won't make the few mistakes I made out there, especially the bunker.
You get lies that you either plug or there's so much sand in the bunkers that it's hard to get up and down from. And the greens are tricky too. So on top of that, you know, I'm making plenty of birdies out there, making a couple bogeys here and there that I should not. So hopefully tomorrow we won't have any more bogeys.

Q. A dumb question, or a good question, but how would you rate this course now compared to other courses that you have played?
ANGELA PARK: It's a very tough course. It's narrow on the fairway, and the greens, obviously, are very slopey. So if you miss it on the wrong side, there's basically no chance of getting up and down. And the greens are pretty tricky too. So I would say it's pretty physical course, especially with the winds.
JASON TAYLOR: All right. Congratulations.
ANGELA PARK: Thank you.

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