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September 12, 2008

Peter Hanson


Q. 6-under par through two rounds here, that's very good scoring; the course has not been easy.
PETER HANSON: No, it hasn't. It has the par 5s that are reasonably easy birdie opportunities, but so many difficult holes, as well.

Q. Have you enjoyed the tournaments following your win?
PETER HANSON: Definitely. Gleneagles was really good fun and I gave it everything I had to try to win and maybe get a pick. I know it was a long shot. But finishing third and playing well, so it's really nice.

Q. And does this course setup nicely for your eye?
PETER HANSON: I think so especially the way it's playing now, a lot of long irons and mid-irons into the greens and tight areas, so I think it suits me pretty well.

Q. Was The Ryder Cup on your mind at some point through the summer?
PETER HANSON: Not really because I was not playing good enough through the start of the season and up until July when the big tournaments came up ask and I started to play better but it was just a little bit too late.

Q. This would be a nice tournament to win, second of the year.
PETER HANSON: Yeah, I'm hitting the ball well and if you can make some putts here on these fantastic greens, you have a good chance.

Q. 6-under par at the halfway stage, what's a good total you would like to have on Sunday?
PETER HANSON: Depends on the weather.
Today it was a little bit tricky with the rain and the wind, but I would say double that, 12, 13, 14 and you're going to have a good chance.

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