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September 11, 2008

James Kingston


Q. Tell us about a good score, please.
JAMES KINGSTON: Yeah, I had four weeks off at home, felt back feeling pretty fresh. My clothes arrived last night and my clubs the day before; a little unprepared, but hit it quite nicely and kept the ball in play all day today. Had a few chances and I probably could have done a bit better on, but overall extremely happy with 3-under par.

Q. A bit windy out there?
JAMES KINGSTON: The course is playing nice and greens are playing reasonably soft. The whole golf course is playing pretty soft. Conditions are perfect.

Q. So what have you been doing during this time at home?
JAMES KINGSTON: Just put my feet up, hardly touched a golf club till last week. Played two or three rounds of golf, worked a little bit with Jamie, my coach and that was it.

Q. Something you just built into the season; you needed that break?
JAMES KINGSTON: Yeah, I think so. Seven out of eight weeks that I've played coming up to the PGA, I just felt I needed a bit of a break. Probably would have wanted to play one or two of the other events, but just you know, the schedule didn't fit into it. The events that I wanted to play, it just didn't make sense because it would have been one week off and one week back at home and decided to take four weeks off completely and seems to have worked.

Q. Things like Scandinavia where you've played before?
JAMES KINGSTON: Yeah, I really wanted to play that but it would have made it eight out of nine weeks and I just didn't feel up to it at all.

Q. I take it when you reflect on the year, you can allow yourself a bit of a break?
JAMES KINGSTON: Yeah, absolutely, Chubby keeps telling me, that's what you have to do is take time off, make sure you get enough time off at home and play when you want to play not because there's an event on the schedule and because you played well last year. Play when you want to play and that's obviously, the older you get, the wiser you get, and it seems to make sense.

Q. So playing when you want to play, does that mean you have kind of itchy feet wanting to get going this week and the clubs being lost, all of that?
JAMES KINGSTON: Well, I must say, four weeks at home it's then tough to drag yourself away from there because it's so nice and relaxed.
Yeah, I felt like playing golf a little more than I did after the PGA. With the clubs and clothing not arriving, it disrupts your practise a little bit and you get a little agitated because you know everybody else is getting prepared and you're not getting any work done. I hit it quite nicely so we'll see.

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