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September 11, 2008

Shanshan Feng


SHANSHAN FENG: 15, I hit birdie. It was a Par 4. I had 120 for second shot, and I putt it to maybe five feet and I made a birdie.
16, it was a Par 5. Second shot I had 215 into the wind and I hit 3-wood on the green maybe 15 feet and I made an eagle.
SHANSHAN FENG: 17, Par 3; it was 138 pin and I hit 9-iron. Hit it three feet to the pin for birdie.
18, I had birdie. It was Par 4. Second shot for 115, and I made the putt for ten feet.
JASON TAYLOR: What did you hit?
JASON TAYLOR: Bogey on No. 1.
SHANSHAN FENG: Okay, second shot I hit 157 into the wind and I hit 6-iron way right just by the trees. I couldn't get the up and down. I missed a short putt for four feet.
JASON TAYLOR: Eagle on No.4.
SHANSHAN FENG: Birdie. No 4 I have a very good drive. Second shot I use 7-iron for 172 to the pin. I hit it just on the edge and I 2-putted for not too long, not too far away.
And No. 5, Par 4, I used 10-iron for second shot for 120 and I made a putt maybe about eight feet. No, a little longer, maybe ten feet.
JASON TAYLOR: Okay. And bogey on No. 6.
SHANSHAN FENG: That was just a 3-putt. I didn't put it at a good spot on the green. I had an uphill putt and I 3-putt. Just not good speed and 3-putted.
JASON TAYLOR: All right. You're currently 5-under and tied for the lead right now. Talk about your day today.
SHANSHAN FENG: I'm feeling very good now because it's my first time to play good on a first round. I had some good rounds this year, but not like -- never have one on the first round, so I'm very happy now.
I had an eagle today and it's my second eagle of the year. How many birdies did I get?
SHANSHAN FENG: Six birdies. I think my irons were very, very good and putting was a little better than last week, last two weeks. Yeah, that's it.
JASON TAYLOR: Okay. Questions.

Q. What happened on holes 1 and 6?
SHANSHAN FENG: I think I talked about it already.
JASON TAYLOR: What were the major things that went wrong?
SHANSHAN FENG: The second shot I hit 6-iron and I hit it too right. It was down the hill just by the trees. I had a very good chip to four feet and I missed the putt for the first hole.
6 hole, third shot I used 10-iron and I didn't pay attention about the slope there, slope to right -- to left, so I put the ball too left. I had a very big uphill putt. I just 3-putted.

Q. Talk a little bit more about your eagle. What was the key shot there and what clubs did you use?
SHANSHAN FENG: I think three shots there were important. They're all important. The first shot I had a good drive. It gave me a good angle to get onto the green.
Second shot I had 3-wood and it went very straight, almost pin high, like 15 feet to the hole and I made the putt. So I think three shots are important.

Q. What do you have to do different tomorrow to try to keep that consistent pace?
SHANSHAN FENG: I think I have to work on my drive for a little bit, because sometimes I have some drives like a little off today. That's why I missed some bogey or something like that.
And I will work on my putting to get a better speed.

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