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September 11, 2008

Anna Rawson


JASON TAYLOR: Anna, thanks for joining us today. Great round today, leading right now in the clubhouse. Season-low opening round for you this year as well. How do you think you played today?
ANNA RAWSON: I played great. I just hit fairways and I hit it close a lot, and then I made the putts. I've kind of been playing that way for the last four weeks and I haven't been making any putts. I think the new putter that I got on Monday really helped.
JASON TAYLOR: You want to go through your scorecard?
JASON TAYLOR: You started on 10 and birdied on 11.
JASON TAYLOR: What did you hit there?
ANNA RAWSON: I'm trying to think. 11 I just had a short -- wait, what is 11? Short Par 4. I hit a wedge to like four feet and made that just behind the pin.
Funny, with these greens you only have ten yards to land it, and when you land it in those ten yards you're within five feet. If not, you're 30 feet away.
I was just always in the right spot. I was just driving the ball so well that you're hitting wedges in, which made it a lot easier than hitting 8 irons and trying to stop them.
JASON TAYLOR: Okay. Another birdie on 13.
ANNA RAWSON: Okay. Is that the Par 5?
ANNA RAWSON: Yeah. Just hit it close in there, too. I had like a lob wedge in there and made like a 6-footer.
JASON TAYLOR: Another birdie on 14.
ANNA RAWSON: 14 was a good birdie. That was a relief sweeping putt about 15 feet, and I just had it on perfect pace. Hit it actually up the hill and it came back down in, so that was a good one.
JASON TAYLOR: Birdie on 17.
ANNA RAWSON: 17, I merely made it.
JASON TAYLOR: What did you hit?
ANNA RAWSON: 8-iron. I just left it below the hole. I just wanted to leave it below the hole, and I hit it straight at it and he's going, Please go in. I'm like, It's never going to get there.
JASON TAYLOR: How far was it?
ANNA RAWSON: The putt, probably like two feet.
JASON TAYLOR: You had a bogey on No. 3.
ANNA RAWSON: Yeah, drove it into the right rough and just couldn't stop it on the green. It rolled over the green and then I chipped -- I left my chip short, and then I actually hit the middle of the hole and it jumped up and landed right next to it.
I don't know how it didn't go in, but I was like, Okay, I'll take it.
JASON TAYLOR: How far was the putt?
ANNA RAWSON: Which one, the one that I missed? Probably like 20 feet.
JASON TAYLOR: And then a birdie on No. 6.
ANNA RAWSON: Yep. Par 5, right?
ANNA RAWSON: Trying to remember. It's all a blur. Oh, yeah, I hit like a 52-degree wedge and then spun it back off the top of the hill. I had like four feet there, so...
JASON TAYLOR: Okay. And you finished with a birdie on No. 9.
ANNA RAWSON: Yeah, drove it into the rough and then hit an 8-iron to about 15 feet.
JASON TAYLOR: Questions.

Q. This is kind of random, but how many hats do you have, and what kind of hat is that?
ANNA RAWSON: The hat's Eric Jarvis, and it's the only one I own because they're too expensive. Yeah, I found it when I was just shopping one day. I'm always looking for -- trying to protect my skin. I don't want to age obviously, and a bit worried about skin cancer because I grew up in the sun in Australia. I think it's from New York.

Q. How many hats do you rotate?
ANNA RAWSON: Not that many. I've been wearing this basically the whole time. If it's windy -- this week I have three with me. So not many, but...

Q. Talk a little bit more about your driving. Several of those holes that you birdied need pretty accurate shots off the tee. Talk a little bit more about that.
ANNA RAWSON: Yeah, it's funny. Like I didn't hit it that great in the Pro-Am yesterday, so when I went to the driving range this morning I really focused on my setup. I think I get a bit lazy and I don't put the ball position in the same spot every time.
Sometimes I'm too far forward. I just thought, you know, stay really still over it and just really concentrate on having a really good athletic setup. I think that was the key, because every time I picked the line I was -- if I missed it I was five yards left or right of the line.
Yeah, that's the key on this course and I knew it. I just kind of had no fear because the misses -- if you miss the fairway, I was just planning to miss in the bunkers. I thought, If you're still in the fairway bunker you still got a chance.
So I kind of just wasn't really worried about it. I think hitting it so bad in the practice round and the Pro-Am really helped.

Q. What's your passion? Is it golf or is it modeling?
ANNA RAWSON: Definitely golf. I think my biggest passion in general is people. I love people, so it's funny that I chose an individual sport.
But I love competing. It's fun to see how good you can do and how low you can shoot. I love the nervous feeling that you get.

Q. (No microphone.)
ANNA RAWSON: No, not really. Maybe like the first five minutes of the shoot, you know, if it's a new photographer and you haven't met him. When I was in Korea there was like 50 people at my shoot, so that's a little -- you get a little bit nervous.
But as soon as the camera is going you have to remember you're there to work and you're doing a job, so you just really keep going. I definitely get more nervous at golf.

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