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September 11, 2008

Danielle Downey


JASON TAYLOR: Danielle, thanks for joining us today. Nice round today. It must be nice playing well kind of down in your home area where you went to school.
DANIELLE DOWNEY: Yeah, it always feels good to come back to the great state of Alabama, even though I'm a New Yorker. Kind of funny how I ended up here.
I feel very comfortable, especially in Alabama, and then again on a Robert Trent Jones course. I played on one in college. It's very, very similar to this, which is good, because I grew up on an old traditional Donald Ross course in New York, and it is night and day. So I had a lot of preparation in college, and I feel comfortable.
JASON TAYLOR: Good. Questions.

Q. You talked about it being a little funny how you ended up down here. How did you end up down here?
DANIELLE DOWNEY: Crazy story. The first time I met my coach I was playing in the McDonald's, Betsy Rawls AGAGA or whatever. Met a couple girls from the south. They were a year older, and I asked them where they were going. Auburn, and I'm like, Where is that? I thought it was in Georgia.
I was like, Man, I'd like to go there. One of the girls told my coach and she came out and watched me. She kind of like the what she saw. Would never have thought a New Yorker would want to come down to Auburn.
I'm like, Well, let me take a visit. Sure enough, I come down for a visit and I have mono. I ate one piece of French toast and a glass of orange juice the entire time I was there, and never saw a lick. I saw about 15 minutes of a football game, but then didn't see anything else.
It was the way they treated me and the hospitality. It was probably by fat the best decision I ever made in my life.

Q. What southern qualities did you adopt when you were here in college that you still have?
DANIELLE DOWNEY: I think every now and then I say ya'll, especially if I come back here. I love casseroles. I love grits. I think I've lost my Rochester, the nasally accent. That's kind of helped me out.
I love the pace of life down here. I think it's actually -- it helps me out on the golf course because I can get kind of uptight. It's really helped calm me down.
I just love it here. I'm so glad to be here. I'm going to Prattville and I'm going to Auburn the week off, so really looking forward to the stretch.

Q. (No microphone.)

Q. (No microphone.)
DANIELLE DOWNEY: I hate the love bugs, and I think they came from the University of Florida which I even hate more, so...

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