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September 10, 2008

Cristie Kerr


JASON TAYLOR: Cristie, thanks for joining us today. Got your first win of the season last time out in Portland. How do you feel this week in Mobile?
CRISTIE KERR: I feel great. You know, kind of typical of me to win a tournament and have a couple weeks off. It would be nice continue with a tournament after that.
It's been a great couple weeks. Got good practice in, saw my coach, Bryan Lebedevitch in Arizona. He came out to see me. You know, I had a good amount of rest and a good amount of work, so I feel like, you know, I'm ready to play well again.
JASON TAYLOR: Questions.

Q. Talk about your thoughts on the course.
CRISTIE KERR: I think the course is in pretty good shape actually considering all the rain they've had. They worked pretty hard to get it into shape. The greens are fantastic and pretty good for Bermuda greens.
The fairways, you know, when I played yesterday afternoon -- I got in about noon and had lunch and came out, and that's when the thunderstorm hit. I had to wait to tee off. I played nine holes in practice yesterday, and I think that the fairways were -- had grown a little bit.
But I think the course is in pretty good shape overall. There's quite a bit of rough around the greens. You know, I think it's going to shape up to be a good week. I think we're supposed to get some bad weather this weekend, so it could be interesting.

Q. Who does it favor?
CRISTIE KERR: Who does it favor? This course favors, I think, somebody that can make a lot of birdies. Just depends on where they put the pins. These greens are very -- they have a lot of slope to them, so obviously irons into the greens and good a putter.
Making a lot of birdies on this course historically has been the winner, I think.

Q. How does your outlook on the season change after having a win? Does it change at all?
CRISTIE KERR: You know, definitely. I have been playing -- I won the U.S. Women's Open last year, but playing-wise I only had like three or four other top 10s besides winning the Open last year.
I feel like I played a lot better this year and it just hadn't happened, the win jsut hadn't happened. I was just persistent and it did happen, and now I feel like I've just got to keep my expectations in check and just keep doing the same things that led me up to the point of the Safeway.
You know, the outlook, when you win a tournament you feel like you can win another, so that's kind of where I'm at. I've just got manage my expectations and o the things that have made me successful this season.

Q. You have played this course before, and they're going to do some work here and, I guess, renovate some of the greens. What would you do if you were redoing this course? Make it tougher or take out some of the breaks in the greens?
CRISTIE KERR: I happen to like this golf course. I think on the greens there's just some areas where they could just make the slopes a little bit more subtle instead of so drastic. That's really the only thing I would do to the course.
The bunkering is great. I think they might bring in some of the rough areas on the fairway to make them more narrow, but that's about it. It's a pretty good golf course.

Q. When you see a lot of the upper echelon money makers this year stay away because of the schedule, can you put yourself back in the position of some of these girls here trying to make a good check and a name for themselves and what they're kind of going through versus somebody that's proven themselves?
CRISTIE KERR: I don't know if I can -- I mean, I used to be there a long time ago, about 12 years ago trying to make a check. I'm very fortunate that I've done so well the last four or five years.
I decided to come play here because I didn't want to have a month off in between tournaments. I always liked this area and the golf course, and my schedule has been pretty hectic since I won.
To be in Mobile and be in a place where it's kind of nice and chilled out, you know, where I can just focus on golf and have my evenings relaxed, I decided to come here and play because I feel like I'm playing well so I wanted to come back.

Q. Final question. With the Michelle Wie news and the pressure that's going to be on her to go first stage all the way through...
CRISTIE KERR: I haven't heard. I'm not aware of the news.

Q. I don't know if it's been confirmed, but she has applied for qualifying school status and is going to try to earn her card.
CRISTIE KERR: I think that's terrific. Anything worth doing is worth being earned. She's at the point now where she had to make a choice, and I think she did the right choice trying to qualify for our tour.

Q. Do you think she'll have the support of the tour, the majority of the girls?
CRISTIE KERR: Yes, I definitely think so, especially going through the qualifying process. I've always been one that has had to earn everything. Going through qualifying school I lost my card my first year and had to go and get it back.
I've been very blessed to be able to have the success I've had the last five, six years. So I think it would be good for her. I think it would be very good for her personally to earn her way on our tour and play against us week in and week out.

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