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September 7, 2008

Coco Vandeweghe


7-6, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Can you talk about your serve today and how it got you out of some trouble at various times of the match?
COCO VANDEWEGHE: Well, it got in me some trouble, and it also got me out of others. Like in the first set when I broke the first time she broke right back. I wasn't serving too well. I had too many double faults.
Then in the second set, I kind of got my serve back going in, especially my first serves, and I started being a little bit more aggressive with my second. You know, like the racquet head, kicking it a little more.

Q. Overall what's the impact of you winning this? It's a bit soon to assess, but how does it feel right now?
COCO VANDEWEGHE: I'm like on cloud nine right now. This is my first junior tournament win in the ITF, and to do it at the US Open is an even greater achievement for me. So I'm just really happy right now.

Q. Do you see this as a springboard for you?

Q. In terms of people recognizing your talent or in terms of your confidence, or how do you think it's going to help you?
COCO VANDEWEGHE: I mean, I'm really confident. I was really confident even in the beginning of the tournament. Just starting out I had a rocky first match, but then as it went on I got better and better and my serves got better and better.
It kind of just kept rolling for me.

Q. How much of an advantage was it for you to be around week one and to play a match on center court week one and to have that whole week to get used to the facilities and surroundings?
COCO VANDEWEGHE: Well, it wasn't too much of an advantage, but it also was, because I was practicing on the courts. You know, not really just being a loaf on a couch for the week.
I kind of still practiced like I was at home: getting two hours in the morning and trying to get into the gym in the afternoon.
Would kind of just hang out for the rest of the day, but it was, you know, helpful to be around, but also not. I wasn't playing matches all the time, so I wasn't in the match mowed basically. So I mean it helped and it hurt.

Q. What's your best stroke? And can you bump, set, or spike?
COCO VANDEWEGHE: Can I bump, set, or spike? Well, I can serve and I can bump; I can't set. I don't spike because I played with my brother on the beach because he's a volleyball player. He's going to Pepperdine, and we played some and he always took the spike, so I only bumped and set 'em, you know.
But I kept doing to like a two-handed set where it spins, so I just stuck with just a regular pass set. My best stroke, I would have to say is my backhand.

Q. No, I mean your stroke in the pool.
COCO VANDEWEGHE: Stroke in the pool? I have a terrible -- well, I can swim, but barely. I survive.

Q. Is this your third Grand Slam?
COCO VANDEWEGHE: I played US Open last year and then I played at Wimbledon this year, so this is my third.

Q. Somebody told me that you had never played in an indoor facility before yesterday's match; is that correct? And if so, how difficult was it?
COCO VANDEWEGHE: Well, I kind of have played in an indoor facility, just, you know, because I was here last year and it was raining when I was hanging out in New Jersey, so I had to go to an indoor facility to play tennis.
But, I mean, it was kind of goofing around. It was different for sure. With the toss of the serve, you know, one toss you wouldn't see a light and the next toss you would see the lights. You change ends and you see it's darker on one side and then it's lighter on the other.
So it was different. I mean, I'm not used to it at all.

Q. Have you learned a lot through the course of this week coming through this tournament?
COCO VANDEWEGHE: Yeah, I mean, I kind of -- my game just kind of all fell together in this tournament. I kind of figured out what I've been trying to practice for the past couple months or month, and it kind of just worked.

Q. What's next for you in terms of tournaments in the fall? Playing juniors, or just stick with the pro events? Do you know what the plan is?
COCO VANDEWEGHE: There's not really a plan yet, but I'm definitely going to do both because I only have a couple more pro tournaments yet until I turn 17.
I got to get match play in, so whatever's available I'm going to try and do.

Q. Given your family history in sports and your grandmother, what's the best advice your grandmother and mother and maybe even uncle have given you?

Q. All three of them gave you the same advice?
COCO VANDEWEGHE: Yeah. Except my grandfather tells me to skip, but I'm too embarrassed to do that.

Q. Have you heard from Lindsay?
COCO VANDEWEGHE: No, I haven't. I saw her after she lost her doubles, and then she left, I guess. I don't know.

Q. Have you talked to Robert?
COCO VANDEWEGHE: I keep -- we keep missing each other, but I have all his voicemails still.

Q. Is your family here today?
COCO VANDEWEGHE: Yes. My mom is here and my dad is here.

Q. Your uncle?
COCO VANDEWEGHE: Uncle KiKi is here, and my other uncle Ernest and their kids are all here. So my whole family was here basically.

Q. How are you going to celebrate this?
COCO VANDEWEGHE: My Uncle Ernest is taking us to dinner. I don't remember the restaurant, but I'm excited.

Q. If somebody told you before this tournament started that you would be sitting here on Saturday at 3:00 about to pick up your trophy 45 minutes later, what would you have said?
COCO VANDEWEGHE: I don't know. I'd probably say what I said when I found out I was playing Jankovic. You got to be kidding me. You're joking, right? Or something like that.

Q. But you would have smiled?
COCO VANDEWEGHE: I would have smiled, of course.

Q. Why do you play tennis given every other sport in your family?
COCO VANDEWEGHE: I play tennis because my older brother played tennis.

Q. That's it?

Q. How good is he now? This is the one that plays beach volleyball?
COCO VANDEWEGHE: Yes. Well, he still thinks he can beat me, but I doubt it.

Q. What is his name?

Q. And he's going to be a freshman at Pepperdine?

Q. And he's playing volleyball for them?
COCO VANDEWEGHE: Yes. He got a scholarship.

Q. Beach or indoor?

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