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September 7, 2008

Greg Biffle

Jeff Burton

Carl Edwards


KERRY THARP: We're calling up Jeff Burton, Greg Biffle and Carl Edwards. We will start with Carl. Going into the Chase, second seed, your thoughts?
CARL EDWARDS: I think today was a good example of how our team could work with a little bit of adversity and under pressure. We did a really good job of coming back from a flat tire and a little wreck there. I thought my guys did a really good job, so real excited about starting the Chase. This is going to be really fun. Just look forward to getting rolling on it. I wish we could start that race at New Hampshire tomorrow.
KERRY THARP: Jeff Burton our 7th seed, your thoughts about being in the field this year.
JEFF BURTON: Our first goal was to get in the Chase and we've got that done and now have to find a way to step it up and the fact that Kyle and Jimmie and Carl have separated themselves, we have to find a way to answer that call and see if we can or not.
KERRY THARP: Greg, our 9th seed, your thoughts.
GREG BIFFLE: I'm excited to be back in the Chase after missing it for two years. We've certainly worked really hard. Haven't got any wins this year. That's been a struggle for us. We've had really good solid runs and that's what we're going to need to get up there in points. A little bit of a struggle today but looking forward to Lowden and getting on some better racetracks and mile-and-a-halves that we're really good at. Just excited to get our car back in the Chase.

Q. At Michigan, you were joking about how so many people were saying it was going to be a two-man race between you and Kyle. Could you just talk about now what it looks like with Jimmie coming up on you guys in your rear-view mirrors?
CARL EDWARDS: Yeah, and you look at how Tony ran today and Kevin and these two guys up here, everyone, when everyone started talking about that, that would be the best case if you just had to race one other guy.
Today was a good example, flat tire for me, Kyle getting caught up in that wreck, Jimmie going out and dominating and winning; anything can happen. You know, a couple races like that and it could be a whole new field of people that weren't predicted to be up front.
So, yeah, I think it's going to be a lot of guys. I think it's going to be defined by your bad days just like it usually is.

Q. The fact that Jimmie Johnson has finished the regular season precisely the same way he did last year, does that give any of you either a sinking feeling or a feeling of dejavu?
JEFF BURTON: Wouldn't have known it if you hadn't have said it. (Laughter)
CARL EDWARDS: Sometimes during driver run-arounds during the track, you get people that flash their t-shirts up at you, and I noticed that Jimmie brought his Buddy, Nick Lachey this week and that was the only bare chest I saw this run around. That was his strategy and it worked. It had me distracted, some hairy chests, and I didn't need that before the race started. So Jimmie is working magic from all angles. I just couldn't believe it. Oh, there's Nick Lachey -- they are very funny guys.
KERRY THARP: Any other questions now that Carl is on a roll? (Laughter)

Q. For any of the three up there, obviously understand each race of the ten is important, but are there certain tracks in the ten that kind of have special emphasis or special concerns that you see for the Chase?
JEFF BURTON: I'm sure Talladega, everybody has their eye on Talladega, that's obvious and Martinsville is going to be tough. They all pay the same points and they all mean the same. Those two are the ones that obviously stand out for pretty much guaranteeing some of us will be in something at those two races.

Q. Any of you drivers, your thoughts on driving this afternoon as opposed to last night; any difference or any preference?
JEFF BURTON: Missed some football games, that's about it. I thought the track was better actually. It got better, it was fun. I thought they did the right thing. I know if you were here, people would say, it quit raining and we could have raced last night. But with the medical services and all those things not knowing what they would need to be doing, a race takes second seed to public safety, so I think they did the right thing, even though I know it quit raining at 5:00 and we could have raced. But at some point, there's a bigger picture than just this race.

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