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November 2, 2000

Larry Nelson


PHIL STAMBAUGH: You're in at 69 and you're tied for second. Just talk about your round overall today.

LARRY NELSON: Yeah, today it was a little bit difficult today, having played three rounds out in California where the ball always backed or it stopped near the hole and it was pretty consistent that way. I found the greens out here today a little bit inconsistent, as far as some of them would release; some of them would stop. It was real hard -- to me it was kind of hard to get the ball close to the hole. So, I thought playing the par 5's, I finally birdied one. I played them even par, even though I hit the green on every one of them in two. So, I was really -- all in all, I was happy to end up with making three birdies on the last three holes to shoot 3-under.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: You want to go through your round, if you could?

LARRY NELSON: I birdied what hole?


LARRY NELSON: Five is the par 3. I hit a 7-iron in the water, or actually in the weeds. I didn't make a very good swing there. I hit a 7-iron and that was kind of a wake-up call, I guess, and actually got it up-and-down from the drop area with -- from about 80-something yards.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: Then birdie at 10.

LARRY NELSON: 10, I hit an L-wedge about 20 feet. Made that for birdie.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: Then the par 313?

LARRY NELSON: I hit a 4-iron about five feet.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: And then bogey at 14.

LARRY NELSON: Yeah, I was trying to get too cute. That hole kind of narrows up and it is a dogleg-left par 5, and I was trying to hit a cute little hook around the bunker. And I pulled in the hazard or pulled it, didn't hit it very solid and ended up making bogey there; 2-putted for bogey.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: And then you birdied the last three.

LARRY NELSON: I guess on the 16th hole, I hit a sand wedge about three feet. 17, I hit a 5-iron about 35 feet. 8and then 18, I 2-putted, hit 5-wood on the green and 2-putted from about 20 feet.

Q. Will that finish carry over to tomorrow?

LARRY NELSON: Today it kind of a ropy-dope kind of day. You really just kind of have to see -- see how the golf course is playing. I mean, I'll know tomorrow what greens are hard, what greens are soft. I think it will be -- I think it will get a little bit easier, even if you hit the ball the same tomorrow as I hit today, I should play better because I know a little bit more about the golf course than I did today. I played at 7:30 yesterday morning when it was 38 degrees. So it is kind of hard to get an idea. I think guys who played in the afternoon yesterday probably have a little bit more idea of how the golf course is going to play than the guys who played at 7:30 shotgun. So, it might have been a little bit of an advantage to play yesterday.

Q. Is the inconsistency of the greens something that is a factor of the course being so new?

LARRY NELSON: I think it has to do with the fact that it is new. I mean, the golf course is -- it really looks good. I mean, the greens I think were a little difficult to putt because of the newness of the greens. They are not as thick as, you know, what they probably will be in a year or so. And the inconsistency is definitely due to the fact that the greens are new. The older the golf course gets, the better it will be. It is a good golf course. It is a fun golf course to play. You have to really be careful off the tee. Definitely be careful of the distance on the greens.

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