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September 2, 2008

Igor Andreev


R. FEDERER/I. Andreev
6-7, 7-6, 6-3, 3-6, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Was it a match of your career today?
IGOR ANDREEV: Well, definitely was a great match. I really enjoyed playing. When you play five sets against Roger, good tennis.
For me, it was great experience, and hopefully, like, in the future is going to help me, you know, to go up in the rank.

Q. Was your girlfriend, Maria Kirilenko, in the stands?
IGOR ANDREEV: Unfortunately, she left. She lost, and she went back home.

Q. Did you have a chance to call her, to speak with her?
IGOR ANDREEV: Well, it's private thing.

Q. Seemed like a big turning point was when he tracked down the dropshot and then lobbed you, and then you raced back to hit the lob and hit it out. The crowd was kind of cheering for him as he was running towards the ball. Did you sense the crowd cheering? Did you feel that was a big turning point?
IGOR ANDREEV: Yeah, still was a bit my physical mistake because I made a dropshot and finished the point. I had good chance to hit the forehand and that's all. But I thought he's out of the court, make a dropshot, and he just arrived well. And when the lob was going, yeah, crowd started to, like, to cheer in very loud, so I had -- yeah, you just can't concentrate at this point.
So it was little, like -- I was a bit angry after I missed that shot, but it still was kind of my mistake.

Q. Could you say, how did you approach the match tactically? What was the plan for this?
IGOR ANDREEV: Plan? Well, first plan is try to use my weapons, what I can do the best, serve well, hit the forehand, and then just maybe play him a bit more for like the forehand side, because he can, like, play well two, three, four shots, but sometimes he just miss some balls with the forehand.
I tried to make it sometimes. It worked sometimes, no? But, well, it's the tactic, sometimes it's working you win. If not, you lose.

Q. Was the crowd a big factor? Seemed like they really got behind him especially after he lost the first set. Did the crowd affect you?
IGOR ANDREEV: Um, there were a few guys cheering for me, also, so that was okay, for sure. More for Roger, because it's normal, but, anyway, like I really enjoyed, I think, the crowd, were very fair for both of us.
So it was, I think, great match for us, like, that we made a part of show and for the people, how they support both of us, was great.

Q. Looking back at some of the decisions you made during the match, do you think you could have done better? Do you think looking back that...
IGOR ANDREEV: Yeah, it was, I think, very important moment, beginning of second set where I have few break points on his serve. So if I could make break, like, early in the second set, then for sure, I'll have more chances, you know, because the beginning I was serving much better. So it was, like, problem for him to return to make points on my serve.
And, like, few games in a row, just, I have, I don't know, four or five break points, which few of them was I think second serve, and I really could win these games, but -- I didn't. So that was, like, kind of very important moment in match.

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