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August 31, 2008

Gregory Havret


MICHAEL GIBBONS: I think everyone here will join me in congratulating you Johnnie Walker Championship winner 2008. Tell us what that means to you to start.
GRĂƒâ€°GORY HAVRET: Well, a year ago I won in Loch Lomond; I win here this time. Scotland seems to fit me quite a bit. I love Scotland, even before that, but now it's even of course even bigger.
I just love being around here, these courses we are playing in, Gleneagles and Loch Lomond and the other one like Carnoustie last year are just awesome. It's really enjoyable to play here and the crowd is really awesome.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: And tell us about the finish. It was quite a dramatic finish at the end.
GRĂƒâ€°GORY HAVRET: Yes, it was, it was. I felt quite a bit of the pressure today all day long, and that drive on 18 was a really bad one, probably the first of the week. I was left on 12, on the par 5. And I knew left was really bad on 18, and right also, but you don't want to miss left on the big downhill slope, and I really take care of the thing but I still had that drive on 12 which was a bad thing, pushed it and came back a pit and I had the shot, still a 5-iron to go and was up-and-down in the trap like a year ago in the playoff against Mickelson.
Yes, it's a nice way to finish and it was really hard under pressure. It's probably more enjoyable this way, yeah.

Q. Sorry to remind you, but the first hole on Friday, you lost the ball, but you made a very good five; how important was that to keep the momentum going?
GRĂƒâ€°GORY HAVRET: As I just said a little bit before, I can shank sometimes some shots. Yeah, that happens quite a bit. Usually when I play bad, the thing is, I was 5-under on the first day and I was hitting really well in practise before going and then I have a shank with the 9-iron, and perfect lie, everything was fine there and I shanked it. Because I do that sometimes, I know where it's coming and I don't care that I shanked it; but it's not because I shanked it here that I will shank it again.
So I dropped it and hit a great shot after. For sure that shot was scary. When it left the club, it felt very bad, and some people were there but no cameras; so I can say no, I didn't shank it -- no, it's a bad shot like another one, and hopefully it didn't happen after that.

Q. Have you ever led after every round before in a tournament?
GRĂƒâ€°GORY HAVRET: No, never. I know I was leading after two rounds at Loch Lomond, not after three. It was Mickelson leading.
In Italy, I was probably quite a bit on the lead, but I don't recall remember in other tournaments. No, it was pretty much the first time leading the first day to Sunday evening, yeah.

Q. How difficult is it physically on this course, and also mentally, to lead from start to finish?
GRĂƒâ€°GORY HAVRET: Yeah, this course plays long, but tough. You spend some hours on this course; it's very difficult, yeah, you spend some time here and you feel tired at the end of the day.
But I'm coming back from five weeks off. That probably helped me quite a bit. I was very fresh in my head. I enjoyed a lot my summertime in France, and I feel really good and I really wanted to come back and play golf, because I missed it during five weeks, and that probably helped me to keep me fresh.

Q. With The Ryder Cup undercurrent here this week, how close do you think you are to becoming a Ryder Cup player?
GRĂƒâ€°GORY HAVRET: In terms of a number, I think I'm still very far from the team. But I feel more and more like somebody who is able to play in this kind of tournament.
Yeah, The Ryder Cup is definitely a goal. I would like to play in The Ryder Cup team at least once, many times hopefully. I am 31, so there is still many to come, and these victories help me a lot to go this way and to trust in myself, which is probably very important.
Yeah, I think I'm closer and closer from to that kind of team, and I will trust myself to keep working and make it possible in two years' time.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: GrĂƒÂ©gory, once more, congratulations.

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