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August 31, 2008

Gregory Havret


Q. How does it feel to come out an top on a day when so many people had a chance to win?
GRĂƒâ€°GORY HAVRET: It was definitely a tough day, as we talked a little bit earlier together. It has been a tough day for everybody I think. The conditions were quite good at the end of the day, and we all enjoyed it. But it's quite tough in the last round to make birdies and to avoid the mistakes.
So I did it quite well, 3-under. I played four rounds under par here, which is good, and I'm quite proud of my day here.

Q. What goes through your mind over a putt like that to win because it wasn't an easy one?
GRĂƒâ€°GORY HAVRET: No, it was not. I remember a bit last year at Loch Lomond, I was up-and down in the trap also, and this putt was longer. I think I slightly pushed it. I played left edge and started straight and didn't move too much right. It was a very good day and especially this last putt.

Q. How will you celebrate this win, hopefully drinking champagne and not wearing it?
GRĂƒâ€°GORY HAVRET: Yes, I will stay here tonight at the Gleneagles Hotel. It's going to be a privilege to be here and stay here. A few things to do tomorrow and then see my family hopefully on the evening and probably drink quite a bit of Johnnie Walker tomorrow evening, yeah.

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