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August 31, 2008

Soren Hansen


Q. It's been a trying two weeks now, but it's all over.
SØREN HANSEN: I'm very, very pleased. It's going to be a thrill. It's an exciting two weeks. I had a feeling I did the job well last week, and it was just a matter of playing solid the first two rounds this week, and I did that.
And then I had a good score yesterday, so all of a sudden it was all about the Johnnie Walker than The Ryder Cup really. So I'm a bit disappointed going away today, but still with a smile on my face because of The Ryder Cup.

Q. And how much pressure, can you put in words, that it has been for you?
SØREN HANSEN: Well, last week was nerve-wracking. I was last man last week. I was 10th and I knew that you want to do the job there and you don't want to be last one here. I really feel for Oliver Wilson and hopefully he's come through. I don't know what the standing is.
You just don't want to be the last man there, and you're playing for your rights, and I feel like if I had -- I knew that if I had a half-decent performance this weekend, nobody would be able to catch me.
So I'm just glad that I got the job done at the KLM on a course which I don't really like and I really haven't played the last few years because of that, because it doesn't-suit-my-eye sort of thing.
So I'm really pleased with my performance last week and this week it was just rock solid. I just struggled a bit getting the ball in the hole really.

Q. You're the second Dane to get in The Ryder Cup.
SØREN HANSEN: Yeah, I've talked a lot with Thomas over the years, and especially the last few months, and you to know, I'm going to phone him up tonight and we're going to have a chat next week as well when we meet up.
It's nice to be able to -- nice not to be the first one, let me put it that way, from Denmark, because it's like people get all over you. It's a little country, and somebody's done it before, so now it's something you just do for fun.

Q. It's expected.
SØREN HANSEN: Yeah, it's expected. So I'm really pleased. I think I played good golf for nearly two years now so I'm really looking forward to it, as well.

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