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August 31, 2008

Justin Rose


Q. How has your back held up?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I am fine physically. I did do some stuff with the physios here trying to stay loose. That's the situation. I did manage my back really, and if I manage it well, there is no problem.
But this is definitely a long golf course to walk especially given these conditions.

Q. Last year at the Seve Trophy looking towards it must be an immense satisfaction to seal the deal.
JUSTIN ROSE: There's no doubt about it. I got off to such a flyer in this whole Ryder Cup process playing well, winning the Dunhill Links and the Volvo Masters; and I looked like I was 75 per cent of the way there very, very early into it. I was a bit misinformed or miscalculated how many World Ranking points last year, so maybe I took my foot off the gas a little bit -- well, that's not true.
Obviously you go to every tournament to play well. But I certainly stalled there in the middle of the whole campaign, and it became hard work but I think sometimes that that spurred me on really to play well, at the US PGA especially; I thought that was a key week for me getting on the team.

Q. What do you think you'll bring to the team?
JUSTIN ROSE: Well, hopefully a few points. I think fairly all-around game. I feel like I could play foursomes and four-balls with anybody. I feel like I'm pretty relaxed and could team up nicely from a chemistry point of view with a lot of players. Hopefully I'll be quite a versatile player for the team.

Q. Will you play five matches?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, definitely, I think adrenaline is a huge part of that. This year I've actually been relatively injury-free. I've actually been pretty healthy this year, so that's all good, and I've got two weeks off now and I'll probably just try and work on the fitness a little bit just from the cardio point of view and make sure the heat, I can handle it pretty easily.

Q. With the atmosphere of a NASCAR crowd, is that something that you look forward to, the noise?
JUSTIN ROSE: That could be an advantage of playing in America the last few seasons, you have some tournaments which are incredibly rowdy, Phoenix, Detroit, some of these events are I wouldn't say comparable, but some are rowdy and crazy. Ryder Cup I'm sure will be a whole new level.
To answer your question, yeah, I think there are so many Europeans that travel, and the way I see it on the TV, if the Europeans are outnumbered, they certainly make themselves heard and the best way to keep the crowd quiet is to get the points on the board.

Q. How exciting is it to make the team?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, it's probably the highlight -- well, it is the highlight of the season so far. Now that you've made the team, I think it's important not to kind of take the foot off the gas. You want to go there and you want to go there playing well and you want to go there to really be a valuable team member.

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