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August 30, 2008

Gael Monfils


G. MONFILS/D. Nalbandian
6-3, 6-4, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What is your success to bumping off highly-ranked guys?
GÄEL MONFILS: I'm just playing my game. Before the match I tried to find a solution against this guy. I mean, all top-10 guy, you know. I know how to play there, so when in front there I feel comfortable, and then just try to play my game.
I hope soon to be with them, so I never give up. That's why maybe sometime I win it.

Q. You didn't get the point, but I watched you hit a shot between your legs. You looked like the Harlem Globetrotters.
GÄEL MONFILS: Because I was going too fast and cannot stop, so the last solution was between the legs.

Q. The crowd loved it.
GÄEL MONFILS: Yeah, but the first time, the first intent is not between the legs. It was like I was going too fast and after I have to find a solution, so I go between the legs.

Q. So it was not planned?
GÄEL MONFILS: Not at this time.

Q. Who's the guy you gave the racquet to to hit the ball into the crowd?
GÄEL MONFILS: One of my good friends.

Q. When you're playing at US Open, Americans love that type of showmanship. Is that something that you're conscious of, because not only does it help you with the crowd, but it helps you separate yourself from the rest of the players.
GÄEL MONFILS: I mean, I'm me. I mean, like I love to show my emotion. I love to do a show, because when I was 9, 11, to play in front of a lot of people it's like for me something amazing.
So like I do it for me. It's fun. You know, I have to show them I am enjoying on the court, you know, I enjoy my sport. And then they show me emotion, so it's great.

Q. So why did you give up becoming an NBA All-Star or European All-Star in place of tennis?
GÄEL MONFILS: Maybe after my career I will think to be in NBA. I love the NBA. I love the show they give the player. I mean, maybe in tennis sometime it's too stiff, like some guys wants to keep the emotion.
Me, I'm not like this, you know. Like, my culture is to be very fun and enjoy the life. So on the court I'm like this.

Q. How did you approach the third set knowing that Nalbandian is a player who often will drop two sets before going on a run?
GÄEL MONFILS: I saw him like the first point of the third set was a bit tired, like almost cramping, so I was very confident about it.
Just tell me to make him run a lot.

Q. Seems like at the end of the match when you were trying to break him for the match - I think it was 5-1 in the third - you did a bunch of splits. Seemed to be almost like you may have come close to hurting yourself. Do you think that the acupuncturist gets nervous when you do stuff like that?
GÄEL MONFILS: I mean, I think my parents are in front of the TV in Paris, also. It's like I don't want give up one point. I want to be the best on every point, so sometime I can going too far. At this time it was okay, so that's fine.

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