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August 30, 2008

Nick Dougherty


Q. Will tomorrow be the most aggressive round of golf you've ever had to play?
NICK DOUGHERTY: I have nothing to lose. I have nothing to lose. I really do think I need to win. It a big ask. It's feasible, though, and it would be a wonderful way to make the side.
All I can do is play my best, and I'm doing that. I'm doing all I can do at the moment and I need the greens to give me a break tomorrow. If I can hole a few putts, you never know.

Q. Basically at the start of the week you have to putt yourself in a position where you can still keep the dream alive come Saturday evening. So, so far, so good in that respect.
NICK DOUGHERTY: That's true. I'd like to be better off. I'd like to play better than the score suggests and we are all aware of what the greens are like this week and it's unfortunate. It's costing everybody but I can't help feel frustrated with the fact that the longest birdie putt I made today was probably two feet -- or the one on 18 was the longest, that was quite a good one, five feet probably. That's one to be pleased about.
To 2-putt the par 5s all for birdies and there were a couple of good eagle chances, as well in there and the only other one being a tap-in on the par 3, it's disappointing because I played great and I had birdie chances on most of the holes, and, you know, if there's ever a day I needed them to go in, it was today but hopefully it's not too late and hopefully tomorrow it will happen.

Q. Are you running on empty or inspiration at the moment?
NICK DOUGHERTY: I'm enjoying it to be honest. I quite enjoy this challenge. It would be unusual for me to make the side from the position I'm in and the form I've been in, albeit I had a great week two weeks ago. I enjoy it. I like it when the chips are down and the chips are against me.
You know, I have not so much a point to prove to everyone else, but a point to prove to myself; I can do this, and I might miss the team this year but I'm definitely a good enough player to be on The Ryder Cup side and I'll be there for Wales and hopefully I'll be there for Valhalla. But I want to go out on a high note.

Q. You knew at the start of the week it was a top two you required and now a victory?
NICK DOUGHERTY: Fantastic what Ollie has done, 6-over he was, and if Ollie ends up getting that last spot, which he's obviously favoured for at the moment, it bodes well for The Ryder Cup. It's going to do him a world of golf confidence-wise. There's been a lot made of fact that he's not won, but he's made so much money is a testament to how well he's played all year without winning.
The way he's had to dig deep this week, because it's one thing when you're playing well to go out there and shoot the scores but to be looking like missing the cut and knowing that it might make a difference if he does make the cut, which it will do if I come second tomorrow, all credit to him. He's done a wonderful thing and a great round of golf today.

Q. Says a lot for Ryder Cup and European appearances that so many guys are working so hard to get into the side.
NICK DOUGHERTY: A lot has been said about how Nick has an awkward decision in who he's going to pick. There's a lot of great golfers he has to pick from and some really good golfers will miss out, and it's great. The team is so strong, everyone's spirits are very high. The level that everyone is playing at, as well is a wonderful thing. Guys are playing wonderful golf at the moment and all of the guys are playing solid. Bodes well for Valhalla and whether I'm part of the team or not, I really think we are going to go there and do the business.
Tomorrow, it's a big day for me. I've got an opportunity to achieve something, the culmination of a year's worth of golf comes down to one day and I have to go out there and play great. It's going to be great fun. I wanted to have a chance. The last thing I wanted to do was be chopping it around tomorrow and have a chance of making the side, or even not playing. There's been plenty of missed cuts as we know and I'm just delighted to have a sniff. I can't wait. It's going to be good fun and see if I can make Ollie sweat a little at least.

Q. You and Ollie are very good friends?
NICK DOUGHERTY: We get on well, and if I don't make the side, he'd be a great person to be there instead. There's no one in that team that you would say would be a weak link. As much as Ollie has not won, and I know people are saying that it's unusual and no one has ever been on our team before without winning or something, but, look how well he's -- how much money he's won, which in turn shows how well he's had to play over a period of time. I think he's doing great and what he's done this week should do him a world of good about what people think about him as well.
My goal this week was to shoot 10. Mike thinks 11 so that would be 12 in total from where I was. I was one short today, so obviously 6-under tomorrow is no big deal. To be honest I could really do with a bad day tomorrow. I really need some bad weather and a good score. Another day like this, this wasn't ideal to be fair because 4-under was a good score. I need a case where 4- or 5-under tomorrow is a great score, not just a good score.

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