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August 30, 2008

Gregory Havret


Q. How did you feel about your day's work?
GRĂƒâ€°GORY HAVRET: Not a bad day. Not a bad day for sure. I played pretty nicely the par 5s yesterday. I think I'm 6-under on them, so it's obviously very important here because there are five par 5s, so it's probably the key at the end of the week.
But yeah, I was doing really well after 12 holes. I had a bit of a struggle 17 and 15. I doubled 15 like yesterday. It's a bit of a shame, but it's always nice to lead after three rounds.

Q. Is there something about that 15th hole, do you not see the tee shot very well?
GRĂƒâ€°GORY HAVRET: Well, yesterday I hit a very good tee shot. Not today. I pushed my second shot yesterday; I pulled it today, and 3-putted both times, same putt, uphill, same distance. Well, it's like that. I don't blame myself. It's not an easy hole. But it's always a shame to make a double near the end of the course.

Q. How pleasing to make a birdie at the next and bounce back?
GRĂƒâ€°GORY HAVRET: Yeah it was a good birdie at the 16th, I was quite upset obviously. I hit a huge drive and pushed it behind and to get up-and-down from there was fine. Nice shot on 17 but nice birdie to finish.

Q. With 15 guys within five shots, how does that affect the way you approach tomorrow?
GRĂƒâ€°GORY HAVRET: It's going to be a big hunt tomorrow especially with those Ryder Cup guys and the other ones. It's going to be very open especially on this kind of course.
I heard the weather will be bad, but we'll see. It's going to be quite open for sure. Yeah, it's going to be open for sure.

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