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August 30, 2008

David Howell


Q. Well done, that's another fine day, isn't it, and must be a lovely feeling.
DAVID HOWELL: Yeah, I enjoyed myself out there. Obviously the conditions were a lot more benign today, and it was always going to be a birdie fest out there. There's five par 5s out there that you can reach, and I got off to a good start and was enjoying my day and put two or three bad swings at the start of the back nine and really lost my momentum.
I'm really pleased to have finished with strong birdies three of the last four holes, it was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Q. And recently you've really sort of shown the old cliché about form and class; the class is permanent and the form is temporary.
DAVID HOWELL: Well, that's very kind of you, thank you. We are starting to slowly work our way back. We can all have a good week. It's putting solid weeks in a row together that, you know, we as golfers always strive for and that's what the guys at the top of the rankings do week-in and week-out.
As we know I haven't been doing that in recent years but it's a good couple of months now really; barring World Golf Championships event in America where I didn't play so well. But I've put some decent rounds together and stuck in there and things are turning, slowly but surely turning around do you think.

Q. What do you put it down to, the turning of the corner if you like?
DAVID HOWELL: Numerous things. I think I'm putting a lot better. I think I let my technique slip a little bit on that, almost taking it for granted working on my long game too hard. New 3-wood in the bag improving on the one I had. Worked on numerous different things with my swing, my balance is a lot better. I'm driving -- in essence, I'm driving the ball better and if I drive the ball well, generally I can score reasonably well.

Q. Big day tomorrow, I suppose there's a source of frustration that you are flying under the radar so to speak but can you turn that to your attention, obviously so much attention is directed toward The Ryder Cup.
DAVID HOWELL: Yeah, I think so. It seems to me that most -- I'm sure Nick's made his decision already, and whether no one knows that, tomorrow, I'm not sure if there's much going to happen in terms of the list changing now. Søren has had a great day today, and obviously Nick Dougherty is the man with the chance at doing something miraculous.
But hopefully the story will be about the Johnnie Walker Championship and who knows who is going to win it. I'll certainly be trying my best.

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