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August 30, 2008

Paul McGinley


PAUL McGINLEY: It's hard to be critical when I shot 3-under par, but I need something special now tomorrow. I won't give up trying. I'll keep on going. Got a bad start today and dragged it back, played some great golf. But, just don't seem to be able to catch the leaders at the moment. We'll keep going. One more day.

Q. A day like last Sunday wouldn't hurt, would it?
PAUL McGINLEY: Yeah, very much so.

Q. You know it's in there, don't you?
PAUL McGINLEY: Yeah, as I say, I shot 3-under par today, it's hard to be critical, but the damage was done on the first day. Winning a tournament is difficult shooting 76. Shot 3-over the first day, and I'm playing the price in terms of my position at the moment. But I'm still just outside the Top-10 and we'll see.
As I say, I've made a dash for the line, started too late. Dash for the line started too late. I've suffered by not being in the majors and the world events, a lot of the guys stole the march in terms of those tournaments. And it's very difficult making The Ryder Cup Team not being in those tournaments nowadays, with $6 or $6 million worth of prize money I missed out on, and other guys are getting a piece of it.
So the in-between years now in Ryder Cup qualification are becoming increasingly more important because that positions you in The Ryder Cup year being in the major events.

Q. You need to finish the season the way you're going on, looking forward.
PAUL McGINLEY: Yeah, you need to have a good ranking getting in those majors and world events. The ironic thing is Ryder Cup status doesn't get you into any of them. Would have been in the PGA and The Open this year if that was the case. It's about World Ranking now and that's more important than Ryder Cup status. Can't be getting into events.

Q. Seeing you fight like hell for three Ryder Cups and get in, and now a fourth, will it really hurt you to miss it?
PAUL McGINLEY: Yeah, it will hurt, but at the same time, I have nobody to blame but myself. Last year, I'm playing the consequences -- as I said, I'm paying the consequences of having a poor year last year. This year I'm 20th on the Money List which is not a bad year but paying the consequences of not having any big finishes. I've had eight or nine, maybe ten Top-10s this year but the first and seconds are particularly where all the points are.

Q. An indicator of how everybody wants to get on the team but what do you think of the squabbling that's going on all over the place, does that show how passionate everyone is about getting on, maybe to the point of excess?
PAUL McGINLEY: I wouldn't say it's to the point of excess. I have no problem with what's going on. Everybody's passion, it's great to see it. Nick has got a really good problem compared to the Americans. There's not one that's obvious. We have two and there are at least four that are obvious, me included, five, that nobody would really complain if one of us got a pick; Carl Pettersson is six, and if one of us got a pick, there with a not be a massive amount of complaints, whereas the Americans have a tougher problem. Their picks are not as obvious as ours.
Football manager is always talking about having a full squad and a full squad to pick from, and I think Nick will have the same problem.

Q. Knowing we've done very well in the system we have, but would we have benefitted by having four picks this year?
PAUL McGINLEY: I think it's fair, with Oliver Wilson and Justin Rose, I think he deserves the most credit of all, I really admire what he's done. He's shown how much he wants to play in it. I think you know, the guys that are going to get the picks are going to be very valid picks. If Poulter makes it, that's a good pick, too. There's no weakness there. He's got a really good problem to have, a really good problem. I wish I had my destiny in my hands. That's what I've had the last three oaks and that's what I haven't got this week.
Par we'll see tomorrow. One more round, have to shoot low, mid 60s tomorrow, you never know what's going to happen. The weather forecast is bad for tomorrow, so we'll see.

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