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August 30, 2008

Justin Rose


Q. 1-over par through six holes, a slow start on a day like today when the scoring is good, how good is it to finish 6-under?
JUSTIN ROSE: I said to my caddie after the 7th, the course opens up a little bit and we can make some and he said, "Just stay in the moment and keep hitting shot for shot." Good advice and I managed to do that.
I found it tough to start out today with the rhythm, playing two balls all of a sudden, I felt not in a good rhythm and rushing a bit but as soon as we caught the field after three or four holes, I settled down and hit some really good shots.

Q. What pleases you most about your play today?
JUSTIN ROSE: Not panicking after a good start. I knew today was a day when guys were going low, so just staying patient really and was riding that to start out.
I kind of said to myself this morning, I'm not going to think about it anymore. It would take a minor miracle for something to happen so just don't even think about it now and go ahead and play the tournament for what it is, and if you do that, obviously that's going to increase your chances and so I'm trying my best just to leave it alone.

Q. Game plan for tomorrow?
JUSTIN ROSE: Depending on where Gregory gets to and a lot of other guys, they have some chances coming in with some reachable par 5s to play. So i imagine they will get a little bit further out in front. So I would like maybe more of a tougher day tomorrow where a 66 or 67 will do it and move you right through the field.

Q. Chance to win, that's what you came for.
JUSTIN ROSE: Exactly, yeah. Today wasn't a low, low one but obviously it was 6-under par, and it was kind of what I've been looking for. I felt like there's been a good round around the corner, so hopefully that's the start of it this week. I'm happy with the way my game is coming around, hitting quality iron shots and getting good confidence going I suppose.
I've had a great -- back in the States when I was there, great greens, felt like I'm stroking the ball well, so feel like everything is clicking into place.

Q. Did you think you were going to lose your ball opponent the second?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, it was a dreadful lie. I could easily have lost that ball. Luckily a few people from the crowd came in and helped us look for it otherwise could really have lost it. Ended up making 6. I think if I had lost of the ball, would certainly have made more than 6. It was a slow start but got things going.

Q. You got into the rhythm, but it's clear Monty didn't; one of those days for him, was it?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, one of those days. Yeah, exactly. I think when you're trying hard and sometimes things are not going your way it makes it even more frustrating out there. Obviously he'll be back to fight another day, but just one of those days where the good putts said bye and one or two loose ones, you make bogey or double.

Q. Is it possible to putt it out of your mind, like you said, because that's the reason you're here.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, today I actually didn't really think about it at all. I was into my round and that was great. Sometimes it's easier when things are going well and you start playing well to not think about it; it's almost when you feel like you're backpedalling, that's when you tend to think about it and panic to a certain extent.
Today was a good day in terms of that. I don't know what the other guys shot. I know Martin missed the cut yesterday, and I feel bad for him, actually, because he's obviously a great young player, and would have been an asset to the team, but his time will come, no doubt. Oliver Wilson, I don't know how he fared this afternoon --

Q. 3-under.
JUSTIN ROSE: So he's looking good, is he, and that's what happens. I guess if one of them goes crazy tomorrow, that could be what it's all about. So what did Nick shoot today -- what score is he on, 5-under? So it's unlikely if we're looking at it realistically.

Q. He thinks 12 might get second place, there's such low scoring today.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, for sure. Well, it's good to see the boys fighting hard and play good golf.

Q. You're not missing FedExCup, that hasn't crossed your mind; you're thinking it was the right thing to do?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I was looking at the golf course yesterday and I could see the ball staying on the greens; thought, well, that looks like a joy.
Obviously scoring was crazy there, 10-under par, and sometimes those are the hardest tournaments to play, you feel like you can play pretty well and shoot 1- or 2-under and not doing any damage at all.
I am enjoying being here. I think it was a great turnout for the crowd today. Playing with Monty, always enjoyed crowds in Scotland. They were good to me and a good amount of people out there.

Q. Have the players said to you, that they are glad you're here this week fighting for a place?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I feel like that's been a general consensus which makes me feel purely -- even if I look back retrospective and think well, if I didn't have to come back and my Euro point total was good enough to make it I still won't regret coming back.
Obviously playing with Darren the last couple of days, I got the feeling that it's good for team spirit to show how much it means to you etc., etc., so that's a good thing.

Q. So missing out on the FedExCup, how will that impact you in terms of the US PGA next year?
JUSTIN ROSE: Well, it's going to mean next year just throws me off a little bit in terms of the Pro-Ams and what have you. I won't be in the Pro-Ams. But it might be a blessing in disguise. Might be nice to play a practise round Tuesday and have Wednesday to practise. I think we get so used to playing in Pro-Ams to have a year where you're not in a Pro-Am might actually turnout to be a good thing.
Obviously pure dollars, but it is all retirement money to a large extent as well, so right now, it's very easy to make this my priority.

Q. Has Ian returned your phone call?
JUSTIN ROSE: I did have a brief chat with him yesterday. He's obviously -- he is kind of feeling the pressure right now, and obviously he really hopes that -- I think what he feels like has been a really good, solid last few months is going to be good enough.
He feels like he's playing good golf, The Open Championship was just four tournaments ago for him and it was an exceptional result where he holed some key, key putts and he's hoping that that can stay as fresh as possible in the captain's mind and obviously whether he's here or not, I think he feels like he has played some really good consistent golf, and at some point thought it was going to be good enough.
I think obviously Darren going and winning was an unexpected turn of events, but that's what it comes down to.

Q. Is there any sense of regret in his voice talking to you?
JUSTIN ROSE: No, he's very determined and he's determined to go out today and shoot a low one in America and just make as much of a fight for it as possible. He makes his decision and sticks to it, and to a certain extent that's what you've got to admire about him.

Q. He said to two reporters on Thursday, "I think I might have made a mistake."
JUSTIN ROSE: Did he? He didn't say that in so many words. He called me yesterday to say, well, you know -- yeah, obviously it's hard for him to play under those sorts of conditions in America. So from that perspective, it must have been a hard thing to have to put up with.
Like I said, it just important to remember from his perspective, if I was to be campaigning for him, which there are obviously some great options obviously that Nick has, but The Open Championship was only four weeks ago and he perform exceptionally well; and obviously Harrington had a 32 on the back nine and other than that, Poults looks like he's going to win it. That's kind of where he was building his case, and I can see it, and, you know, good luck.

Q. How did you find Monty today?
JUSTIN ROSE: Well, obviously we were chatting to start with, and obviously it's always tough when you're around guys that are awry, he's trying really hard to get things back on track. He was really pleasant and complimented every good golf shot I hit out there and was very pleasant and wished me all the best and kind of should things go well, congratulated me for making my first Ryder Cup. I was like, "Don't tempt fate, Monty." It was very pleasant, very good.

Q. Did he send him regards --
JUSTIN ROSE: Well, I joked with him about it actually. He said obviously his role in this championship and how he gets to decide a little bit in terms of the invites, and I said, "If Poults needed an invite, would he have got one this week."
And he said, "Of course he would." (Laughter).

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