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August 30, 2008

Marcel Siem


Q. Improving conditions on the golf course or improving yourself?
MARCEL SIEM: A little bit of both. I would say the first I had a triple-bogey and a double-bogey and played quite well and was 4-over after five holes. Monday went to my coach and changed a little bit again my swing, and hitting it beautiful at the moment. I'm quite happy.

Q. Five missed cuts in your last six starts; what's been the difference this week?
MARCEL SIEM: Yeah, the last two weeks, I've pulled every shot, so the fade was coming. I changed my swing in Seville to a fade shot and to start it left and the fade didn't come. So this week it's coming back and yeah, I was struggling.
The pressure is on. Qualifying School, lost my card last year and it's not easy to be in that position I have to say. The European Tour was quite nice to me, gave me some invites, thank you again. It's not easy.
I'm really pleased if I get my card this week and forget about thinking about making the card and just thinking about winning again.

Q. When did you start to think about changing your swing; as you say you've won in the past?
MARCEL SIEM: I've always had the high draw and doing quite nicely with that as well but you have two bad shots with that, the push or the pull draw actually, and with a fade now it's just one side actually I have to play against.
The distance control is much better, as well, and these new balls and drivers these days, you don't have to hit a draw or hook anymore to get length out of it, and I think that's the right decision. I hope I keep it going like that.

Q. How do you feel about your chances tomorrow?
MARCEL SIEM: First of all, I want to make my card. If I play well tomorrow, for sure, there's a chance now. I want to win always, doesn't matter what's going on around, and for sure I try but first of all I need to get my card here and then keep on going for the rest of the season.
I want to play at Valderrama and I'm looking forward for that for tomorrow.

Q. You said you changed your swing again?
MARCEL SIEM: It's not a big change actually. We kept doing the same and it's not a big thing. Yeah, I just have to lay off the shaft a little bit up there. The fade is coming, and last week I hit the ball beautifully but the fade didn't come, and you feel good, but the ball is lost or something.
No, I think it's the right way, we're doing it at the moment and my putting came back as well this week. It's a bit of a lottery but it's all the same.

Q. A beautiful celebration at the end.
MARCEL SIEM: Yeah, that was cool. I was just quite happy that it was opponent the green to save par and the ball goes in. I was waiting for a putt the whole day and didn't hole any. I hit 16, 17 green in regulation again and couldn't make the putt. And then the last hole, it drops in for all of the spectators, it's beautiful.

Q. Also I think it showed you, you're obviously an emotional guy and like to show your emotions on the course but seems to suggest you're right there.
MARCEL SIEM: Yeah, I was talking to my caddie the whole round about it, with the game I have, I'm back to win tournaments actually and like I said with the Tour School category and losing the card last year, first time I felt that, so that's a little bit of extra pressure.
The other guys have The Ryder Cup pressure and I have my Tour card pressure. I think I need a Top-10 to make my card this week. For sure there are a lot of tournaments left afterward but I would like to go into the tournament in Cologne without asking for an invite. That's another thing, as well; and show the Germans that there's not only Kaymer in the world, there's another German still left. No, pretty happy.

Q. When is the last time you felt this good?
MARCEL SIEM: Italy I finished fourth with a chance to win as well, and I messed it up. On 16 I made bogey and didn't make a birdie on 17 or 18. So felt pretty good there. But 7-under, I don't know when is the last time I shoot 7-under, or 6-under. I think the course is not easy. You have to keep it in the fairway. The rough is high and the greens are soft and you have to get the ball close to the hole.

Q. Any Ryder Cup interest?
MARCEL SIEM: For sure, yeah, but 2010. I'm 28 now, 30 is still a good age, maybe 32, whatever, that's for sure, I want to play for Europe. I was always a good team player in the World Cup. I love to play the World Cup. That's another goal for me now is to improve my World Rankings to play with Martin, a great couple, or a great team in The Ryder Cup.

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