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August 29, 2008

Jie Zheng


7-5, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Can you talk about that last game, 11 deuces.
JIE ZHENG: I felt the last game it very, how do you say, I try my best. I know it's last chance then, but I have the breakpoint. I want to hit too hard, so I miss like three times.
But I feel this game I have some chance. But she is hard and the momentum is so strong. Every ball is played so well. I play sometimes so good; sometimes miss. Bad luck this one.

Q. Is it hard to play her sometimes because she gets everything back?
JIE ZHENG: Yeah, of course. She move so fast. She don't have miss.
For me, it's a little bit tough. But I feel today I play not too bad. I try go to the volley, give her, how do you say? Play more aggressive.
But today I feel my serve is no good, so double-fault too much. If I win advantage game, like to the 4-All in the second set, then my serve is miss too much.

Q. Do you feel you're playing better, the same, not so good as at Wimbledon?
JIE ZHENG: Yeah, I feel, how do you say? It's is different opponent, so I feel the Wimbledon probably is better.
Today I feel it's not too bad, but, you know, it's tough for her because every ball hit like ten times. I need 100% for play every ball.
So sometimes I do it so well, but sometimes it's -- I don't know. It's tired. It's miss.

Q. Did you know she's been talking about how tired she is? Were you trying to keep the match going as long as possible to see if she was maybe...
JIE ZHENG: Yeah, I know she's also tired because she move a lot. I play more aggressive, but I don't know. How do you say? She have the more experience for me.
So, you know, every set we play 5-All, but she sometimes played soft, sometimes she hit hard. So always change. For me, it's tough.

Q. At Wimbledon, you said you were going to give money to the victims at Sichuan. Have you been able to do that?

Q. Have you done it?
JIE ZHENG: No. After the maybe after the US Open -- no, after the China Open maybe I come back to my city, because we'll be ready to play the Olympic -- we practice in Beijing, never go back to my city.
But I know I was watched the newspaper for have a lot of people for support my city. I'm very happy for. I want to say thanks for everyone.

Q. And you have given the money?
JIE ZHENG: Pardon?

Q. You were going to give money.

Q. No, no. Sichuan.
JIE ZHENG: Yeah. I do after here.

Q. You hit a flat ball. On grass it stays low. Is that one reason that you prefer grass?
JIE ZHENG: Yeah, maybe I like the grass more because the ball is slow. I can hit hard. Then on the hard court the ball sometime jump too high for me. I'm no too tall for me so hit is tough a little bit.
But I feel like now my forehand is more aggressive. Before just backhand. But now I have the more aggressive forehand. I just want to better the serve. Maybe then I can keep going.

Q. Once again now you've lost to Jelena in straight sets. Do you feel that your game is improving?
JIE ZHENG: Well, the game, you can say the point is -- every game is very tough. But how do you say? I just say the match is finish. I just thinking next time I try my best. I hope I can win her.

Q. People say the singles draw is very open and a lot of people could win it. Is it the same with the doubles?
JIE ZHENG: I don't think so. The doubles I feel now is much better before, because there's -- a lot of player have more experience for play the doubles. You can see a lot of the old players play doubles.
Singles sometimes -- singles not easy. You can see that Jankovic is tough. Few players you can see maybe they easy, but every match I see almost tough.

Q. Do you show your emotions more now, your feelings, than when you started when you were younger? Today you showed your emotions. You were happy. You were sad. Maybe when you were younger you were more shy.
JIE ZHENG: I always want to show my tough, because, you know, on court you need to fighting everyone. Because in tennis world, everybody is great player. I feel every match a very tough one, so if you on the court you must be tough and show your best.

Q. But sometimes today you smiled.
JIE ZHENG: Yeah. Of course, the girls always like smile. The tennis, I hope I can fighting, but I hope I can enjoy every match, every point.

Q. And sometimes you get angry, you get mad, too?
JIE ZHENG: Yeah, of course.

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