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August 29, 2008

Oliver Wilson


Q. You were 6-over par with ten holes to play, what is going through your mind at that stage?
OLIVER WILSON: A lot. You know, well, everything really. Obviously Ryder Cup sort of came in there a few times, and I suppose the main thing, I was just struggling a little bit. I couldn't really do anything right. I was not playing that bad but just a few 3-putts and not really -- just wasn't thinking clearly out there. Didn't really do it yesterday either. Made a few mistakes, and birdied the first this morning and hit a few good shots into two and after that made double into three and it was just a silly double and just wasn't clear. Everything was a bit scramble and then just trying too hard, trying so hard to make the cut and I was trying to press on and have a good score and get under par. I felt like I could get back under par for the double and after that double, I had a lot of work ahead and two 3-putts after that, everything was going wrong.
Gave myself a little talking to and tried to just stay patient and not try and force it too much. Fortunately at that point, that's the toughest part of the course out of the way, and there is chances. I said to myself, just stay patient and press on and managed to play the par 5s great on the back nine. 12 was the one really, made eagle there and all of a sudden I could see myself getting it under par for the day and possibly getting it back to level par for the tournament. A bit nervy coming in the last couple of holes. I knew the cut was going to be two, so knocking it on in two on 16 was quite helpful and then I had to hit it in the bunker on 17 and made it a bit stressful coming in. Played a great bunker shot and hit a great shot into the last. Unfortunately it didn't really roll too smoothly and missed. But I was pleased in the end. There for the weekend and all to play for.

Q. You didn't know the exact equation starting the week; do you know it now?
OLIVER WILSON: I know it's tight. I know I needed to be here this weekend. I knew that if I missed the cut, it was pretty much over. I don't know exact money, but it's tight, and you know, I'm just going to have to press on. I've given myself a good chance now. Found a bit of game on the back nine, and if I can keep with that and shoot a couple of numbers over the weekend, then hopefully that will be enough. Main goal now is try to get up in the leaderboard and get up into the top 20 for tomorrow.

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