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August 29, 2008

Nick Dougherty


Q. Tell us about the day, please.
NICK DOUGHERTY: I thought it was all right to be honest. I thought I played reasonably well. Maybe not quite as good as I did yesterday.
But you know, the greens are what they are at the moment, so that's the tough bit. You're scared almost with your 20-footers and over. Like that one on 18, it's a makeable putt but all of a sudden it was potluck whether it was going in, that one is really bad, 18. That's the worst one out there. I couldn't believe it to be honest.
I'm pleased. It's all right. I'd like to be a couple shots better, but all in all, I'm relatively pleased with that and it keeps me in a position where if I can play great on the weekend, I still have a chance.

Q. And if my arithmetic is right, only six off the lead, so there is a chance come the weekend.
NICK DOUGHERTY: Absolutely. I need a very good weekend. But it's possible because I am playing quite nicely actually. The unfortunate thing is I'm going to have to rely on some luck on the greens.
You know, it's not going to be a case of if I putt great on the weekend, I'm going to make The Ryder Cup Team. I'm going to need things to go my way a little bit, because that's how it is out there a little.
But if I play well, hole a few putts, I can shoot the score hopefully, so we'll see.

Q. Were alarm bells running after the front nine?
NICK DOUGHERTY: The front, really nothing went for me, at all. The front nine, I had four occasions where I was this far off being spot on. That was another one, good tee shot I thought and this far in the thick rough, and then I got a flyer from the thick rough which was incredible because the lie was bad, as well, and it just went through the next one. It was like it had run over where they re-laid some grass. And a 30-footer on the greens as they are, it's easy to 3-whack, and sure enough I did that, and that was annoying. I didn't actually hit a bad shot. That was the ninth.
That's how it is and it's the same for everybody. That's why the scoring is how it is because that is happening out there. The thing is if you make a mistake or miss a green, it's hard work because getting the ball to react to your chip shot is difficult enough. That was quite an easy shot on 18, but because of how the turf is, how wet it is, if you don't quite strike it well, like Paul said, just duff it in front of you, and all of the sudden the simplest of shots, you don't know what it's going to react like on the greens, but 12 feet on those greens, especially that green today was up to the gods really.

Q. You have to grind every week.

Q. But is this even more so?
NICK DOUGHERTY: Yeah, because you just don't know. Because if things do go my way and I do start making a few putts I could shoot a really good score. And because of how the course is playing, the scoring is not great, you can make a very big move in a short time. I obviously need to have a great round tomorrow. I don't think I'll be too far back on Sunday but I would really like the opportunity on Sunday to have a chance. That would be fun, and at this staple it's all I can really ask for.

Q. Are you looking over your shoulder, everyone having their problems?
NICK DOUGHERTY: For me to get in, I have to win and if I win, Oliver is going to have to really play well anyway. I'm banking on the fact that if I win, they are going to help me out. But if you won and you didn't get in, at least you could cheer yourself up with the trophy.

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