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August 29, 2008

Darren Clarke


Q. First half of the battle is over now?
DARREN CLARKE: Yes it is. I hit the ball better than I did yesterday actually and the greens just got me. The greens are going to get everybody but I think I had 34 putts today which is not very good and I didn't stroke it badly.

Q. What is the strategy for the weekend?
DARREN CLARKE: Just go play, just keep doing what I'm doing and maybe hit some of the right heel marks out there instead of the wrong ones.

Q. Is it tough coming back after virtually leading from start to finish last week?
DARREN CLARKE: Yes it was, especially here. Obviously I am playing well because I won last week but it is not always that easy to keep on going. But from tee to green I have probably been every bit as good as last week, just on the greens I haven't - for obvious reasons.

Q. Still mentally and physically fine?
DARREN CLARKE: I'm all right and I hope I'll have a good weekend. Obviously disappointing to three putt the last there from nowhere. I three putted the first from 20 feet and I three putted the last from 18 feet which is just throwing shots away, but that is just the way it is. The same for everybody.

Q. Missed putts apart, you are happy with your game?
DARREN CLARKE: Definitely, no complaints whatsoever.

Q. How many two footers did you miss today, if any?
DARREN CLARKE: Eh, three I think.

Q. Three under two feet?
DARREN CLARKE: Yes, honestly. They're sh..... they're perfect.

Q. Is it almost more pressurised golf trying to get into the Ryder Cup than actually in the tournament itself?
DARREN CLARKE: I don't know. You are probably better asking the guys in seventh, eighth, ninth places, it is those guys who are really under pressure, I am only trying to play as well as I can for a Wild Card, those are the guys you really have to ask that question to and I'm not in that position.

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