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August 29, 2008

Robert Rock


Q. Well, do tell; how good?
ROBERT ROCK: Well, I was probably not quite as good as yesterday but I played decent and the greens were better this morning. They started to get a little worse on the back nine but I played all right. I played pretty decent.

Q. Elaborate on the State of the greens, because you were pretty scathing after that first round.
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, it's just down to how many people walk on them, and this morning, it was okay. So the guys on the first groups would have got probably quite nice surfaces but as just more guys go through -- it just the heel prints. There's nothing particularly wrong with the grass, I don't think. Just too soft and you get loads of marks.

Q. And the same thing happens, and therefore, people can't make too many inroads on the leaderboard; you will be in a very, very similar position to last week in Holland.
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, maybe and hopefully Saturday will go a little bit better. I'm quite enjoying it out there actually really. It not the usual putting competition that it sometimes is where people hole a lot of putts. Not many people are holing anything so it feels all right.

Q. You should be enjoying the form you're in.
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, I've been playing great all year, and I'm really, really happy with it. Virtually every part of my game is working quite well.
And I've been doing the same things for almost a year now, which is a novelty for me really, from the first few years where I was messing about with all sort of different swings thoughts to get my swing where I wanted to and now it's there and staying there, which is great. So I'm playing pretty consistent.

Q. I feel cruel asking this, but what do you have to do to eradicate what happened last weekend?
ROBERT ROCK: Don't know. Don't know. Just getting a bit frustrating, but I've been playing well and not really got a great finish out of any tournament.
I've maybe made some Top-10s but finishing sort of seventh or eighth or ninth when I felt like I should be closer to the top. Same last week, started off badly -- and well I did blow the tournament in a few holes.
If I can get through one tournament and get four rounds done properly and get a decent finish, I think that might sort it out, so he'll we.

Q. You're always a nice bloke regardless the circumstances, but I thought there's no way you were speaking after last weekend; you must have been hurt, as well.
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, at the time I was in a bit of shock and really, really disappointed that I had blown a good chance to contend on a course that I really, really liked as well. That was frustrating, as well. But by the end of the round, you've got to take it as one more thing that didn't go to plan and try again the next week.

Q. I'm sure the psychologists about just say, forget it, it never happened and get on with the game and be positive because things are looking very, very good.
ROBERT ROCK: In general things are really, really good. That's one of the reasons why I didn't take it too badly is because I'm happy with what I'm doing and I'm playing good and it was only one hole. If I would have gone around the whole course bogeying -- well, it was two bad holes really, and that amounted to all of the shots. So it's all right really.

Q. Is it good to actually being playing pretty much under the radar; that the focus is elsewhere?
ROBERT ROCK: It makes it a little easier to be honest. The cameras came and went pretty quickly today. I don't know whether they shot any shots at all. I prefer it like that but I'm going to have to deal with that over the weekend possibly.

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