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August 29, 2008

Justin Rose


Q. Thoughts on the day?
JUSTIN ROSE: I felt like the whole day was a missed opportunity today really, especially being 4-under through eight. The wind never picked up; the greens were, dare I say, half decent, and felt like it was a day where I could have put together a much lower score.
The 7th hole, two days in a row, I hit that cart path, so yeah, just a few bogeys here and there. You're kind of going to do it on this golf course, but I hit the ball really well yesterday and the best I've hit it for a long, long time and today there were signs of good shots.
Didn't feel quite as good today as I did yesterday but I'm onto something and feeling good about the game in general.

Q. When you hit those, do you know what's causing it?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I do, just not getting the club down. I feel like I have to get more behind me to get more in front of me, I'm getting too outside too early and I have to wait and maybe cut it right. I know exactly what I'm doing which is the good news, so you can fix it from that point.
Yeah, I didn't feel like there were -- apart from the 7th hole, I can't think of anything that was too scruffy that comes to mind.

Q. What about in these circumstances that you're playing? And how pleased are you through 36 holes overall?
JUSTIN ROSE: Just I'm making more money this weekend which is obviously important in this situation. Who knows how much; who knows what's good enough. But at least I'm here for the weekend.
I feel like if the guys don't go too far ahead this afternoon, I'm in the golf tournament, which is more important. Last week I felt like there was a low score coming and hopefully it will be this week that it comes through.

Q. Your thoughts at the halfway stage? Certainly a solid week, isn't it?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I think I'm Top-10 at the moment but yeah I'm in good shape for the weekends obviously and put myself in the tournament. Yeah, I'm excited about maybe the prospect of trying to obviously shoot a low one tomorrow and try to contend for the title on Sunday.

Q. Is there an element of frustration that it could have been better, or are you happy given everything you have to contend with this week on the greens?
JUSTIN ROSE: There's always an element that could be better, but when you're 4-under through eight, I think the round is there. But I think the course is there for the taking. You have tough holes on the front nine, I made an unforced error off 7 and made a bogey there, nearly made a great par.
Yeah, it's the kind of golf course where if you can just knock in those 4- or 5-, 6-footers, it keeps the ground together so nicely, and there is an element to doing that this week.

Q. Is that the key for the weekend just patience with it all?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I feel great about that. I hit the cart path twice on 7, same shot both days, let that go but feel calm this week and mentally strong and enjoying the golf and enjoying the challenge and enjoying the situation I'm in.

Q. Over the weekend, it looks pretty rosey, pardon the pun, as far as The Ryder Cup is concerned, you're in a position where you're going to be adding to your total.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, definitely. Right now it looks good. Things can change obviously this afternoon, Martin Kaymer and Oliver Wilson going out to play. Conditions this afternoon will be more scorable than yesterday afternoon. I fully expect the guys to shoot low, they are fully capable of doing that.
Darren, yeah, he's playing very nicely, got his game under control. His ball flight is very, very lovely right now. He's not hitting any skew ones, and I think given a decent set of greens, looks like he's stroking it really well. Greens haven't done him any favours, as they haven't done anybody any favours, but yeah, he's looking in good shape.

Q. Anything about your game you want to improve?
JUSTIN ROSE: Not really. I'm happy actually. I know exactly what I'm doing. Just a matter of doing it. But the key is, I feel comfortable with it all and I've hit a lot of great shots. No, I'm pretty happy.

Q. What did you do on that shot on the 7th?
JUSTIN ROSE: I just tugged it left. As soon as it came off the clubface, it's amazing how you know your ball is going to land within two yards. I got lucky and got away with it today. Yesterday I wasn't so lucky.

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