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August 28, 2008

Gary Orr


MICHAEL GIBBONS: Pretty good round in tough conditions.
GARY ORR: Yeah, I would say it was quick and gusty and well, so it was tricky. Anything under par is a good score today.
I've been playing the last two weeks been good, short game is good, holing a few putts and pretty solid tee-to-green and holing a few putts. Pleased with that really.

Q. How are the greens?
GARY ORR: Well, they are bumpy. A lot of foot marks on them because they are so soft. I've got to play well, so I holed a few putts. Just got to try and put it out of your mind. You've going to get a few funny ones.

Q. (About the greens).
GARY ORR: It's frustrating, you can see that, but, they are normally reasonable here. I can't remember them being like this. They are very soft. There's been a lot of rain. I don't know what you're going to do about that. Unless you're going to spend a lot of money and put in one of these systems in to take the water out but that's a lot of money. It does work but then the water goes somewhere. So the fairways would then be -- I don't know. There's no easy solution I don't think.

Q. What was working today?
GARY ORR: My short game has been sharp, holing some nice putts. I started playing reasonably. I've been hitting the ball reasonably consistently most of the summer but not quite putting scores together on the short game. Had two weeks off, came back in Sweden, played well, last week was pretty good, too.

Q. And the rest of the year?
GARY ORR: Yeah, it was a funny sort of year. Missed a load of events at the start because my ranking was down, with the co-sanctioned events it doesn't go as far down as me, for the ones I wanted to play, anyway.
So I think I had to make 300,000 Euros, and then to get past the first hole going in, obviously you start all over again.
So I was pleased to pass them up in Sweden so hopefully I can play with that sort of form.

Q. And how is your back?
GARY ORR: Yeah, it's been good. Haven't had any trouble with it and have exercises and stuff to do for it. So do them every day, keeps it tidy.

Q. What sort of exercises?
GARY ORR: Just a lot of core work, clinical Pilates. My back guy, he recommended it. And it seems to work so keep doing it.

Q. How long do you have to do it?
GARY ORR: Depends. A minimum would be 20 minutes. At the end of the day a minimum of about 20 minutes at least. I do it before the round to warm up a little bit and after to get myself back down. It stiffens up and if you don't keep it -- pounding balls and playing, it takes its toll on you.
I had to do a bit of work because there was a few things I wasn't happy with and the last couple of days I started to see some progress with that.

Q. Looking good for the weekend?
GARY ORR: Absolutely, if I can keep doing what I've been doing, I'll finish up there on Sunday. Just see what happens and if I can keep doing the things I've been doing, hopefully won't be too far away.

Q. When is the last -- reasonably?
GARY ORR: Reasonably, I can't remember. I've had a few decent weeks. Nothing spectacular, but I quite like the course. The course, I feel quite comfortable on it, yeah.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: Good luck the rest of the week.

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