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August 28, 2008

Oliver Wilson


Q. How do you assess things after one round?
OLIVER WILSON: Have to do better. Didn't play that bad to be honest. Just a few mistakes. The greens are not overly smooth, and missed a few putts due to that.
So really, I feel like I should have been around level. I felt like I was a bit unlucky. Every time I hit it in the rough, I got a bad lie and couldn't do anything with it.
Yeah, it was nice to finish on a slightly more positive note. I'm playing all right but have to go out and do a little bit better.

Q. What happened on 5?
OLIVER WILSON: I hit an average drive in the wind, six inches in the rough and couldn't do a thing with it. Hit a three-quarter wedge to 12-foot. Didn't hit a great first putt and it just missed left, three-foot left. I hit a really good second putt and when I looked up, it had no chance.
I don't think it was me, and obviously Lee -- I don't think it was Lee around the hole either. It's unfortunate the weather we've had here has not been very good and the course has softened up. It's a shame.
The greens are rolling well, if you can get it rolling, but it's hard to do that, especially when you're holing out. From distance, you can hit a putt and it seems really quick because it rolls. And then you hit a another one and it comes up six, eight foot short of where it was or would have been. It's tricky out there, but it's the same for everyone. Will probably be worse for the guys this afternoon. Just realise it's the same for everyone but it's hard to do that when you're out there.

Q. Is there a temptation to see how Martin Kaymer and others are doing?
OLIVER WILSON: I know a bit, obviously they were around me, but I just want to concentrate on me really. Me going out there shooting 3-over is not going to do a lot for me, so I need to do better than that. But I don't think I've blown myself out of it either. I could have done, but I didn't. So I managed to scramble a bit on the back and held things together. So I just need to go out there tomorrow and have a good round really and try to get it back to level.

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