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August 28, 2008

Justin Rose


JUSTIN ROSE: Happy with the way I played. I actually felt more in control of my game today than I have for a long, long time, just the way I hit the ball, especially in the left-to-right breeze with my driver. Swung the club really nicely today, hit some great shots.
Holed out well early in my round. Obviously had two 3-putts in a row. I think you're going to have -- guys are going to 3-putt this week here and there. I think it just felt worse to do it back-to-back. It was nice to finish with a birdie on the last really and kind of makes dinner taste sweet. Overall I felt like I deserved to shoot over par today so it was nice to birdie the last.

Q. The way the course is playing, it's tough to score well around here; fair comment?
JUSTIN ROSE: First and foremost it's tricky and it's long. And secondly, it just tough to make putts clearly. I think everyone is having the same situation out there.
I think going out there tomorrow, seeing guys shoot 5-under and 3-under in the morning, it may be a bit easier to make putts in the morning. If you play well tomorrow morning, I think there is a score out there and the guys in the afternoon should be similar wind will have to hang on. I think overall in the afternoon round, even par was a decent start.

Q. Some of the putts seemed to be going across like corrugated card board.
JUSTIN ROSE: The surface itself is not too bad. It's just how soft they are. It's just heel prints. When greens are soft like this, soft spikes are worse than metal spikes because the soft spikes really leave big dents. There are huge heel prints out there and your ball is sitting in them and you can miss it from two feet, no doubt about it. You just have to have your head still and hope to hear it drop, I suppose.

Q. When it's playing the tougher the better --
JUSTIN ROSE: I like it tough but I like it where it rewards you. On those greens, you're not necessarily going to get rewarded, but like I said, it's the same for everybody.

Q. Westwood was critical this morning and best thing he said is you have to dig them up and cannot play The Ryder Cup on greens of this quality. Would you agree with him on that?
JUSTIN ROSE: Well, yes, because it could quite conceivably be this soft in September. No matter how pure they get the actual surface on top, if it's soft as this, the only thing good thing about the Ryder Cup is that you've got 12 guys, 24 guys going out on the golf course.
So it's going to be much more -- that's why the greens at Wentworth put so good in October because it's soft, but the traffic is so few on the greens that that helps.
But I agree. I think they are not maybe that sort of USGA spec or whatever, the sand underneath, where they drain.

Q. But they have a few years to do that.
JUSTIN ROSE: They do. It's obviously a big -- it's a huge project and it's one they need to get right. I think I have seen Wentworth relay a couple of greens. I don't think relaying is the answer. I really think you need to work on the base.

Q. The Ryder Cup thing is in everybody's minds, but do you feel well, let's get the tournament underway and do well in the tournament and The Ryder Cup will take care of itself?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think once the tournament starts, you click back into your normal routines and it's almost much easier. When you're off the golf course it's easier for it to play on your mind, which it's not normal. Sometimes when you're playing well in a tournament, that can play on your mind in the evenings, but not in a tournament that's three weeks down the road playing in your mind. That's where it's very different.
On the golf course you just rely on your routines and where you feel most comfortable.

Q. Having given yourself these two weeks, do you now look and think I you should have done what Ian did and stay in the States?
JUSTIN ROSE: Time will tell on Sunday. I don't regret coming back because I think it's showing willing to play on the team and should I get on the team, the other team members will see it means a lot to you and therefore that's what it's all about and that's why Ryder Cup is so great because the guys get together, and that's kind of maybe -- even if I was safe, I don't regret coming here.

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