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August 27, 2008

Oliver Wilson


SCOTT CROCKETT: Oliver, thanks for coming in and joining us, as always. Every week is a big week on Tour, but I suppose this week is another connotation. Your thoughts going into this week and what it could mean for you at the end of it.
OLIVER WILSON: Well, sort of everyone knows how big it is really, so just got to try and put it out of your mind really. Most importantly just concentrate on this tournament and try and win the tournament. It's going to be very tight I think no matter what happens.
So I don't think you're going to be able to relax and just sort of finish with a mediocre finish and that will be enough. I'm going to have to go out and play really well. My goal is to win and just try and forget about everything else and what it all means.
It's nice that it's the last week for the team to be picked. Just try and like I say, just try and concentrate on this tournament and see what happens at the end of the week.
SCOTT CROCKETT: Are you conscious that you are the one that everyone is aiming at? Are you going to be looking over your shoulder or looking forward?
OLIVER WILSON: I'm going to look forward. Yeah, I know how tight it is but I'd rather be in this position than one behind me.
So in a way, it's in my hands. If I go out and win, no one can overtake me. So that's what I've got to concentrate on. That would obviously be an ideal scenario.
But there's so many connotations of it all and so many different things that could happen; you just get caught up in thinking about it, and the golf would sort of become almost a sideshow to all that.
So you've just got to focus on the golf and play the game and all of the clichés, do all that, and hopefully it will all be good on Sunday.

Q. Saying all that, do you have all of the math in your head?
OLIVER WILSON: No, not like exact numbers. But I know it's very tight. You know, one shot is very expensive this week. So it means a little bit more this week than other weeks now.
Obviously the other weeks, there was time to do other stuff and you've got more time ahead to secure your place now, and now you haven't and this is it. It's going to be fun. Once you're out there and involved in it should be fun.
It's exciting. If I wasn't in this position, I would probably be paying more attention to it to be honest. I'm a golf fan. I like watching golf, and it's always part and parcel. That's always been good fun to see guys who are involved in it before, see how they get on, and now I'm in that position. I'd love to really get into the numbers and the stats. I like looking at the stats, but that's not going to help me this week. So I've just got to sort of put that to one side and concentrate on the golf.

Q. Had it always been a goal for to you make The Ryder Cup Team, and as soon as this year?
OLIVER WILSON: The Ryder Cup has been my bigger goal since playing golf, since starting playing golf to be honest. This particular team wasn't the one I was focused on. I was focused on the next one.
But obviously after the way I've played, well the last couple of years really, I've improved each year. And especially at the start of the year when I started playing really well, I've given myself fantastic opportunities to make this one my first one.
I'm not intending to let it go really. Obviously I'm planning on playing another three or four of these after this one, but you never know what happens in golf. I don't want to let this opportunity slide by.

Q. Has there been any contact with Nick Faldo at all?
OLIVER WILSON: Not recently. I spoke to him a while back in the season and just there's not really a great deal to talk about to be honest. I don't really -- I could have called him. I've got his number. But I don't see any need to call him at this point.
We all know what we've got to do. I don't think I'm in a position for a pick at the moment. I've got to go and qualify for the team on my own, and obviously if I do that, then I'll get plenty of chances to talk to him afterwards.

Q. Coming into a tournament like this, questions along the line we are taking, are they a distraction or do they boost you?
OLIVER WILSON: They are not really a distraction. It would be, in an ideal world, I would like to treat it like any other tournament. Just go out and do my practise round and prepare normally. But it's not a normal tournament and it is a little different and you have to adapt to that. That's part of golf, adapting to different things. So it's all good experience I suppose.
SCOTT CROCKETT: Thank you and good luck this week.

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