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August 22, 2008

Hunter Mahan


LAURA HILL: Hunter, thanks for coming in. A little bit different of a day out there but you're still in the final pairing for tomorrow. How do you feel about your position headed into the weekend?
HUNTER MAHAN: Good. Excited about having a chance to win a tournament on the weekend. The game, I still think it's good in good order, and just have to play well on the weekend.

Q. Is a 73 after a 62 the standard, hard to back up a good round, or is it different this afternoon?
HUNTER MAHAN: Oh, it was way down. Yesterday morning to this afternoon is a long time. The course is firming up and the greens are much bumpier and they are much firmer.

Q. Did you find yourself hanging on to the wheel today?
HUNTER MAHAN: Actually I thought I hit it better today than yesterday. I had a ton of looks. Just didn't make anything. Bogeys definitely should have been avoided and I definitely didn't handle that -- those parts very well. But I thought I hit it actually a little bit better today than I did yesterday. I just didn't score as well.

Q. Was that a function of you hit it as good or better, so it was a function of the greens being tougher to deal with, or was your stroke just not as confident as yesterday?
HUNTER MAHAN: Yeah, I just didn't read them right. Just made a couple kind of sloppy bogeys. Could have been avoided. When you shoot 62, it's so clean and easy and I didn't have much stress yesterday. Today I had to make some putts for par. You know, it's just golf. Some days are easy, and some days are hard, and this was a hard day.

Q. Was there a little bit more pressure to back up the 62 when you went out there this afternoon?
HUNTER MAHAN: Well, it's always -- I don't know. I mean, you shoot another good round, you give yourself a pretty big lead.
I just tried to play today for today. I mean, I really was comfortable with my game, and I just couldn't get anything going. I made a bogey and then made a birdie and then made another bogey. I never got under par today, not once. Just couldn't get over the hump.
LAURA HILL: Hunter, thank you very much.

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