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August 17, 2008

Fernando Gonzalez


R. NADAL/F. GonzĂĄlez
6-3, 7-6, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How would you describe the match? Was it so tight, so difficult for you?
FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ: Well, the Olympics is one thing and the match is another. I think I always try to win every point.
But today Rafa, he surprise me a lot with his serve. He put many first serve in. With the first ball, he was playing really, really comfortable because he was dominating since the first ball.
But I think I have chances in the second set and I didn't take it. And after that, I mean, he was dominating. He was make me run a lot. And I didn't have a really good feeling of the ball. I mean, I miss many forehands.
But I think Rafa, he's bringing many, many balls back. That's why I miss a lot maybe.

Q. What is it like playing Nadal right now, the best player in the world?
FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ: Well, the condition was slow and that's not good to play against Rafa because he brings one or two extra balls than any other player, so he's a great athlete. It's tough because you're trying to go in and he makes you a passing shot.
Today I didn't have a good feeling of the ball in my forehand. I miss maybe 10 or 12 that normally I make that shot, you know. And today, in the front was him. He's bringing many, many balls back. I think he's a great player and he's a great champion because he been winning every important tournament in the past months.

Q. It seems more of the top players in the world came to the Olympics than the last few times. Why do you think this is?
FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ: I mean, I think now they realize how important are the Olympics for your country. I mean, maybe a few years ago, they don't really care about that much. But for me always is really important because, I don't know, the feeling of the people back home. It's special to me.
I get medals in the last Olympics. And now for the second time, it feels much better, I mean, because you know what it is.

Q. You now have all three medals, the gold, silver and bronze.
FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ: That's the good news (smiling).

Q. Will you always remember the backhand volley that you missed on the first set point? That wasn't so difficult.
FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ: Well, I mean, looks easy. Looks easy. But when you're running a lot, you get a little bit tired, you get a little bit dizzy. I was expecting like a passing shot to the other side. I just find the ball.
You know, I'm going to keep remember the next two points that I miss, easy balls. I mean, that one is part of the game, can happen. Normally if I'm playing good, I'm not gonna miss it. But can happen.
The next two balls I miss easy forehand. But is part of the game.

Q. Can you comment on what it's like to win that silver medal today?
FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ: I came here with a dream, with a goal to get one medal for my country and for me. When I get to the final, of course I want the best one, you know. Always you want the best one.
But I know for me it's a great feeling. I mean, it's a great goal. I did it in Athens and now I did it here. The Olympics means really much for me. So that's why I'm really happy. I'm little bit sad about the match. But, I mean, after everything, I'm really happy.

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