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August 17, 2008

J.J. Henry


Q. 66, 66, 62. Where did this come from?
J.J. HENRY: Got a good ring to it. It's funny, I played here back in '99 in the Nike event and stayed right on the 2nd hole with a great family all week and just played relaxed.
Obviously a lot going on in my off the golf course. My wife, we're expecting our second child actually tomorrow, so I was -- it was that kind of week where I had nothing to lose, kind of win-win whether I play great and move on to next week or, obviously, sometimes there's more important things in life than playing golf.
But, you know, obviously, I've been out here a long time and I've had success been kind a rough year. Hopefully this will really turn it around and kind of hope I'm looking forward to playing a lot this fall and maybe trying to give it a run next couple of weeks as well.

Q. Wait a minute. You're staying in a great party house on the golf course, your wife is going to give birth, you got playoffs coming up an you managed to somehow focus in on a 62. Maybe all that distraction.
J.J. HENRY: It was a long time coming, to be honest with you. Again, I've put myself in somewhat of a position a couple times this year and really struggled on Sunday and really it's something to myself to -- I really felt I was motivated to move today and I went out and really played very well and proud of the way I hung in there and finished.
Again, just a great way to end what's going to be an even better week hopefully tomorrow.

Q. Math says you're pretty much in so it will be a quick turnaround.
J.J. HENRY: It's alright. I'll probably just have to show up and play next week. But, again, you know, I was obviously on the outside looking in this week and to really play good and shoot 62 today to advance, I'm real proud of that.

Q. Best of luck on the playing.

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