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August 16, 2008

Briny Baird


Q. Did you feel like you are very much in this?
BRINY BAIRD: Hard to say. Depends on what Carl does. He's got a lot of holes left. He hasn't made the turn, has he? He hasn't made the turn.
I shot 28 on the back-9. He does something like that, the tournament is out of reach. If he can be friendly and make a bunch of pars, it would leave a lot of people back in it.

Q. What were you doing special out there today?
BRINY BAIRD: Hard to say because sometimes when you shoot a really low number you make everything seem too easy. I threw a couple bogies at them and got to the back-9 and hit a lot of shots in there that were about ten feet. Seemed like every putt, every 10-footer I had seemed to be a cup outside right. The identical putt, same speed, same amount of break. Sometimes to shoot a good low number you need a couple breaks and I got those today.

Q. Is it going to take breaks to shoot a good low number two days in a row?
BRINY BAIRD: Yes. Where we are and where Carl is, even if Carl stumbles and falls back, it's still going to take a low number tomorrow for somebody to win the tournament. The golf course is set-up for low numbers and set-up in a fantastic way. Look for an exciting finish.

Q. Asking the question kind of like golf is a little different. Kind of a pop quiz. Have you been following the Olympics?

Q. What's more impressive to you -- who is more dominant, Tiger Woods over Michael Phelps?
BRINY BAIRD: Absolutely Tiger. Longevity. Nothing against Michael Phelps. It's easy to say Michael Phelps because it's the in thing to say. Michael Phelps is a fantastic athlete but I've got to look at someone who has done it way longer than Michael Phelps has. That's not a knock on Michael Phelps.

Q. It's an individual sport. Do you see any sorry correlation or apples and oranges?
BRINY BAIRD: Apples and oranges. There's eight guys in the pool at one time. Tiger's playing against 156 guys at one time. It only takes one guy to play, to throw out some career four rounds and he beats Tiger.
In the pool just only got to beat 7, 8 guys. That's, again, not taking anything away from Michael Phelps.

Q. Probably see some of these guys in swim suits.

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