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August 15, 2008

Jerry Kelly


Q. Jerry, great par on 19. Rain coming down, 12 feet. Pretty good.
JERRY KELLY: Hey, it's all Cleveland. I'm turning NASCAR, man. I didn't have the greatest swing out there, things weren't going but my equipment saved me today. I had the right set-up today.

Q. Everything seemed to be pretty tight there in turn 4, you got a little loose there in the middle of the race.
JERRY KELLY: Hey, you think it's luck? You want me to do it again?

Q. No. I like that guy that started the day and I like that guy that finished the day. Who was the guy in the middle?
JERRY KELLY: He was somebody who was afraid of these Donald Ross greens and, you know, each one of them I had, it was sloping down after the hole so you play here, you're a member here, you understand you don't hammer those, you know, you got to respect and I respected them just about two inches too short. That was it.

Q. Still six shots back. Do you think the scores are going to continue like this throughout the weekend?
JERRY KELLY: If we get no wind and the greens are soft again, absolutely, the scores. It's all about the wind I think on Tour. When the wind is benign conditions, and the greens are somewhat receptive, you're going to score low. Some guys are going to go crazy low because they're that good with the short stick. I hope I can keep up.

Q. There's a lot of story lines this week. Paul Azinger said last week the winner here is going to be on his radar screen for the Ryder Cup. Got all kinds of other issues with the points race going into the playoffs.
How much is all that on your mind or are you just out trying to play golf?
JERRY KELLY: You know how long it's been since I won and you know the Ryder Cup and all those things are always on my mind but, you know, I got to put Willie Nelson out of the back of my head and go ahead and try to win a golf tournament.
That's the one thing I have to do is win a golf tournament. It's been way too long. And the rest will take care of itself as they say.

Q. Seven years probably.
JERRY KELLY: I hate you.

Q. Play well this weekend. Thank you.

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