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August 15, 2008

Kevin Streelman


Q. Kevin, that's good playing. Of course, you've been playing well for quite sometime now but solid for 36 holes.
KEVIN STREELMAN: Today was a lot of fun. The front-9 was an incredible start. Hit it really close around 10, 11 and 12 and didn't make the same putts as on the front-9. Good start.

Q. Big gallery following you. Maybe some will follow John Daly. Some were Duke fans?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Couple Duke yells out there. It is always fun to play with Big John. He's a great guy and lot of laughs to play with.

Q. You made a lot of cuts in a row. You're playing solid. What has been the key over the last few months for you?
KEVIN STREELMAN: The one funny thing is I got married right before this cut kind of streak started. I definitely felt a lot more relaxed to get that off the shoulders was nice and I've gotten a lot of rest and worked hard at it and started to fall in the right place.

Q. Obviously your wife is a good cook, maybe?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Definitely not. Good companion, though.

Q. Did you look at the leaderboard, saw what Carl shot? Were you amazed?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Sure. The greens are a touch soft and the pins weren't -- were accessible today, I would say, and I figured some guys will be going low. So I knew I had to keep pushing there on the back side.

Q. Very good shape for the weekend.
KEVIN STREELMAN: Good shape for the weekend.

Q. Lot of guys have played college golf in the Triangle are real playing well. Is it the Donald Ross Ross course, familiarity with it the past or what?
KEVIN STREELMAN: It's a possibility. I really don't know. It does feel like back in the college. We went back to Duke on Tuesday and Wednesday and saw some old friends and nice area to be out, enjoy being here.

Q. You've had a couple really successful first and second rounds. I imagine tomorrow is a big day for you?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Try not to look at it that way. Feel like I've been playing well. Tee it up as I do any other day.

Q. How about all the time you spent earlier in the week at Duke?
KEVIN STREELMAN: It's an incredible program and facilities they built there. It's cool to see, lot of money and lot of work in it. It's neat to see the results of some such hard work.

Q. Why do you think they have one of the five best men's and women's golf programs?
KEVIN STREELMAN: It's a good question. They definitely have the great facilities, great weather most of the year here and, you know, offer academics that they do it's a big plus for golfers. Not only go there to play some good golf and a great conference, you also get a great diploma when you leave there.

Q. Have you ever played Sedgefield before this week?
KEVIN STREELMAN: I have not. Never played.

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