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August 15, 2008

Garrett Willis


Q. 12-under. Right in the mix of things. Carl went really low but how did you feel out there?
GARRETT WILLIS: I felt pretty good. I was glad Carl ran out of holes. Every time I looked up he had more birdies. The golf course is pretty receptive. The greens are rolling fantastic. There really wasn't that much wind.

Q. Were you really paying attention to what Carl was doing?
GARRETT WILLIS: Yeah, I noticed every time I made a birdie it seemed like he made one, too and I couldn't really get a full head of steam. I got a bad break on No. 10 and made bogey. Couldn't catch up to him.

Q. You've been very consistent the last few days to try to win this thing?
GARRETT WILLIS: I'm trying to reach the fairways. Rough out here is unbelievable able. You've got to make sure you keep it in the short cut. If you can keep it in the short stuff, give yourself a lot of 15, 20 footers it's probably a good strategy.

Q. I guess you would like to be leading but are you glad where you are?
GARRETT WILLIS: I'm 12-under for two rounds, whether I'm leaded or last, there's nothing I can do but to keep playing as well as I'm playing and keep the ball in the fairway.

Q. That it was a hell of a putt, that par putt at 16?
GARRETT WILLIS: Yeah. I didn't mean to leave it that short.

Q. Great back to back 64s. Can you play a whole lot better?
GARRETT WILLIS: You know, I'm really hitting the ball well. I gave myself a couple of opportunities, made some putts but made some good par saves at the same time. So, all in all, I got both par-5s and that was my goal today and a couple more so I'm pretty pleased.

Q. Momentum is such a hard thing to hang on to. You finished yesterday with those five straight birdies but then you had to stop playing. And yet you came out and boom, ran in a 25-footer to start things off today.
Today you did keep momentum going.
GARRETT WILLIS: I really did. I felt pretty good about my game. I've actually played well here in the last when it was the Buy.com. I've got some good feelings about this golf course and I just wanted to give myself as many chances as possible out there and the way to do it is to make sure you put it in the fairway.

Q. If you can keep it in the fairway, you've got some different options at least, different ways you can score here.
GARRETT WILLIS: Yeah. I've come to find out I've been more of a country club golfer. I've been playing a lot of golf when I was at home these days and I played pretty well at the country clubs back home so why not play at this country club.

Q. There is a huge week for you in so many ways. We all talk about FedExCup points list. You're playing for your retirement this week?
GARRETT WILLIS: Any extra money I might make this week, it propelled me for later in the year when the fall finish starts. It could get me one more start.
It's been weighing heavily on my mind and it's been nice to go out there and play golf today and not have to worry am I going to get my 15 tournaments this year, am I going to lose a portion of my pension?
I just want to continue to play golf and hopefully put that back in the back of my mind.

Q. Keep it in the back of your mind because you're going to be playing late on Saturday. Congratulations.
GARRETT WILLIS: Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.

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