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August 15, 2008

Scott McCarron


Q. Scott, good news is you're 11-under par. The bad news is good Lord, that's still four shots back.
Can you believe it?
SCOTT MCCARRON: I saw Carl going deep early. I was kind of trying to keep pace with him. Every time I made a birdie I looked up and still four shots behind. To be four shots behind, that's okay. We still got a lot of golf left. I really like this golf course.
You don't hit a lot of drivers but you got to really plot yourself around, got to draw it off the tee, fade it off the tee. You got to place yourself in the proper positions on the greens and it's a lot of fun.

Q. Why are the scores so freaking low?
SCOTT MCCARRON: I'm surprised. When I played here Monday and Tuesday I didn't think the scores were going to be this low but the greens are very receptive to the ball stopping where it's hitting and I think that's just making the scores pretty low and we got two par-5s you can reach with irons. I am surprised a little bit how low the scores are.

Q. Little renewed enthusiasm in your golf game, especially coming off a fifth place finish in Canada.
What brought this on?
SCOTT MCCARRON: I started playing well right around Dallas actually. I put myself in position there and finished 12th or 13th. Been working with Jim Hardy and just something kind of clicked on the range that week and started getting me back hitting it the way I wanted to hit it and since then, I've actually played some really good golf.
I haven't made every cut but I finished 5th in Canada, 13th at the Byron Nelson, made a couple other cuts. Feel pretty good about my game right now.
Paul Azinger goes and says anybody who plays well in the next three weeks got a chance at the Ryder Cup. I'm thinking maybe there's an outside chance. You never know.

Q. That is one of the many story lines that we're covering here this week. Obviously the playoffs start next week. How hard to keep yourself separated from all of those things or is that just media garbage?
SCOTT MCCARRON: For me it's something to drive me. I think it's great for Captain Zinger to say something like that. He makes everybody on Tour feel like they still have a chance and I think that's a wonderful thing. We might not have a chance but, again, we think we have a chance so that's half the battle out here.

Q. Keep up the good work.

Q. Alright. Well, let's take about today. Good round out there. Looked like it was pretty good scoring conditions for you guys.
SCOTT MCCARRON: It was good. Not much wind out there, the greens were very receptive. When that happens, usually the guys are going to go pretty low. I played real solid today, very happy with the round.

Q. What do you think about your position? Carl did something crazy.
SCOTT MCCARRON: He shot 61 today. Every time I looked at the board I was trying to keep up closer. After making I birdie, I still was four behind. I'm happy to be somewhere within shouting distance.

Q. How much do you guys spend looking at the board like that? You guys really keep track of everybody else while you're out there?
SCOTT MCCARRON: I look on the board a little more on the backside because there's more boards. There's not a lot on the frontside. But Friday I don't mind, especially when you're a couple under par I don't mind looking on the board. Sunday, I don't really watch the board that much.

Q. Do you think of a number when you go into Saturday of what you need to do?
SCOTT MCCARRON: No. All I'm thinking about is hitting the first fairway.

Q. What are you doing right that's feeling good?
SCOTT MCCARRON: I'm doing a lot of things well. I'm driving the ball well in the fairway, I'm hitting a lot of good iron shots, making some putts.
I really feel good about my game. I felt good about my game since Dallas this year and couple good finishes and with Captain Azinger saying that anybody who plays well the next three weeks has a chance, I think it's great. I think everybody on Tour thinks they still have a chance for the Ryder Cup.

Q. Four strokes behind Carl and you say 36 holes, that's not safe?
SCOTT MCCARRON: No, no lead is safe with 36 holes to play but Carl is playing well, lot of guys are, Kevin Streelman is playing real well. We've still got afternoon guys to go and the weather is pretty good. I'll be happy to be somewhere near the top.

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