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August 14, 2008

Venus Williams


N. LI/V. Williams
7-5, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What do you think happened in the singles match? Also, how difficult is the scheduling being here so late?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, the scheduling isn't ideal. But everyone's playing under those circumstances. Personally, I just think she played the match of her life. Not much I could do about it.
I definitely would have liked to have served better and return better. I think that would have definitely helped my cause. Just lost my rhythm today. It happens. But she really played, you know, better than the best she can play I think.
Got to bring it out at the right times, and she did.

Q. Could you sense the crowd was really pushing her along, pulling that kind of performance out of her?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Not necessarily, because I really don't hear that much when I'm on the court. For me the crowd doesn't affect me a lot because whether they clap or scream, it doesn't make me hit my forehand better or worse, or any other shot.

Q. You talked about how important the Olympics were to you. How disappointing is this?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Definitely disappointed not to be able to bring home, you know, a medal in the singles. But I'm still in the doubles, and that's equally as important in these games. I'm super focused on that at this point.

Q. You talked about how she did play the match of her life. Do you feel maybe even if you didn't hear the crowd, the Chinese athletes in general at these Olympics have risen their performance because everything means so much to them to win here in their country?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Probably, because I think she's definitely had some nice results in her career, but nothing like this, especially against a player like me. I felt extremely confident going into the match at all points, that I was gonna be the winner. So it's not like I even came into the match doubting that I was ever going to, you know, win.
So it was definitely a surprise result for me.

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