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August 14, 2008

Steve Marino


Q. Steve, are you in the habit of teeing up in front of markers because I see GY checking every single hole?
STEVE MARINO: As a matter of fact, last week I did that probably ten times. So, yeah, I tell them to make sure I'm alright out there.

Q. You're playing real well, obviously. Your second year. You're starting to get really comfortable out here. Talk about the sort of level of confidence you have now in your game and how the year has gone for you.
STEVE MARINO: I feel really confident about my game. I know now that you don't have to be at your best out here. I mean, you know, just need to learn to stay patient and just accept bad shots and move on.
So, you know, I feel a lot better than I did last year because, you know, playing more tournaments where you're going to stay, get used to the golf course. We have a new course this week so everybody is kind of in the dark.
Yeah, I feel really good about my year so far.

Q. You birdied the first par 5 you came to in your first 9 holes today. Knocked it on in two. Said to me afterwards you weren't really shooting at the flag, you kind of pushed your second shot.
Is your strategy on the golf course to kind of give and take? How are you breaking down your strategy?
STEVE MARINO: Yeah, I'm just trying to, you know, kind of play aggressively, conservative, so to say. You know, maybe not shoot at every flag but when you have a wedge in your hand try to be aggressive and go at the flag.

Q. I can't believe I'm asking serious questions, can you?
STEVE MARINO: No. All things you taught me.

Q. Thank you, Steve. You have to play with James today. That had to be fun.
STEVE MARINO: I can't stand James. It was awful. No, I'm just kidding. It was cool. It was the first time we played together in a PGA TOUR event so he's a great guy to play with and had a great time out there.

Q. You've known him a long time. Talk about his game, the strengths of James Driscoll's game.
STEVE MARINO: I just think his tenacity and he never gives up. He's just a grinder out there and I think he's a great chipper and putter, also. Made a couple really good up and downs today. I was impressed.

Q. What's been your biggest thrill on Tour this year?
STEVE MARINO: Probably coming close to victory in Mexico. I think I ended up finishing second and lost by two shots. That was pretty exciting. I was in the last group, I think, the last two days and I really handled the pressure well and played real well and gave me a lot of confidence looking forward.

Q. Talk about the Canadian Open, the experiences like coming out of that.
STEVE MARINO: It was awesome. I mean, you know, I was very surprised. There was tons of people out there. The crowds were enormous. Plus we had terrible weather up there.
They really love their golf up there and playing well up there was a real treat just because there's so many people out there and they love to come out to support their event and things hadn't been going so well for me before that so it was good to have a good tournament here right before the FedExCup.

Q. Steve, an ACC guy coming down to ACC country, deep in the Carolinas. How did the 65 feel?
STEVE MARINO: It felt pretty good. Kind of got off to a slow but steady start. I birdied the first par 5 on the back-9. Followed it with a 3-putt on the next hole and birdied 17 and 18, which you don't expect to do out here.
Then just played solid. I mean I had the 3-putt was my only bogey. I hit the ball pretty well. I don't think I missed many greens. Threw an eagle in there on the front-9. It was a good day.

Q. There are going to be 3-putts on Donald Ross greens.
STEVE MARINO: Absolutely. They're not quite as severe at last week. If you get on the wrong side of the hole it's really tough to get the ball close.

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