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August 14, 2008

Hee-Won Han


ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Thanks for coming in and joining us. You're currently 4-under, tied for second place in the clubhouse. Can you just talk about your round today and your success out there on the golf course?
HEE-WON HAN: It's a nice golf course here. It's lots of trees. But today was pretty good. My putting worked pretty good today. That's why it's 4-under. I'm happy about that score.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Lots of long putts, or were you just hitting it close to the hole?
HEE-WON HAN: Yeah, I got a chance for birdie but I just made all the putts, and like little save par putts, I made those.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Can we go through your round? Birdie on the 2nd hole, the approach club and how close?
HEE-WON HAN: Okay, I just hit pitching wedge maybe. That was like six feet.
3, hit 6-iron. That's like one foot.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: What happened on the bogey on 6?
HEE-WON HAN: The right-hand water, hit the driver in the water.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Birdie on 7?
HEE-WON HAN: I hit 5-iron. That was like 15 feet.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Birdie on 8?
HEE-WON HAN: I hit 5-iron. That was like six, seven feet.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Birdie on 10?
HEE-WON HAN: Chipping there, sand wedge, and then four feet.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Bogey on 12?
HEE-WON HAN: I hit 5-iron to the left side green edge, and then I just missed -- hit the sand wedge. That was a heavy shot. It's kind of like six, seven feet. I missed that putt.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: A two-putt from seven feet?
16, I hit 8-iron. That was seven, eight feet.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Great round. Questions for Hee-Won, please just use the microphone on either side of the room.

Q. I wonder if you could just talk about what it was like out there today. It looked like almost a perfect day, dry, sunny, not much wind. Is that correct?
HEE-WON HAN: Yeah, it's perfect weather, and then actually this morning it's a little bit chilly when I practiced. But it's getting warmer and nice weather, yeah, that's good.

Q. How do you think this sets you up for the rest of the weekend, a very strong first round?
HEE-WON HAN: Hopefully playing like this three days more.

Q. With the conditions, not just the weather, but the conditions of the course, was 68 what you could get out of today's round, or are there more shots out there that you can --
HEE-WON HAN: I'm pretty happy about this score because out there it's pretty narrow and the greens are pretty fast and the greens have undulations. That's why 4-under is okay, pretty good start.

Q. Would you expect that through the course of the weekend those greens are only going to get tougher once it gets spiked up a little and stuff like that?
HEE-WON HAN: Yeah, getting faster, yeah. But it's just like not green speed because these greens are lots of undulation and then like three tiers, two tiers. That's why, yeah, the pin is a couple holes pretty deep, like four yards. That's kind of important thing.

Q. So if the greens are that deep or that big, then you really have to concentrate on picking the right club or getting yourself to the right place?
HEE-WON HAN: Right, yeah, that's important, which part are we going to, yeah.
ASHLEY CUSHMAN: Thanks for your time today, and good luck this week.

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