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August 13, 2008

Zi Yan

Jie Zheng


6-3, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Talk about the opponents tomorrow you're going to face.
JIE ZHENG: (Through translation.) We played with them individually, but not as a doubles team.

Q. What is your mindset coming to the Olympic Games?
JIE ZHENG: (Through translation.) In May this year, Sichuan had an earthquake, then the whole nation felt the pain. As a player from Sichuan, this is very different for me coming to the Olympic Games.
When the earthquake happened, I wasn't home. I was playing outside the country. Through the media, we knew the Sichuan people were very brave. We saw the care and support from the whole nation and around the world. We are here to show that spirit.

Q. Today you lost to Safina. Did you have any chances to win? Now that you don't have any singles to play, is it going to be easier for your doubles? Tomorrow you face Safina again. What are your preparations going to be?
JIE ZHENG: (Through translation.) Today I actually had some chances, but then I played twice in the same day, two consecutive days. That is why we have some physical condition issues. I was saving a bit of energy for the doubles. So actually for the doubles it's easier, because now I don't have to play the singles games any more.
ZI YAN: (Through translation.) We're going to face Safina the day after tomorrow. They are both very good singles players. They are also good doubles players. We are going to fight for it.

Q. You mentioned today when you were playing singles you saved some energy for the doubles. During the preparation for the Olympics, did you actually have some things prioritized?
JIE ZHENG: (Through translation.) Actually in the past four years after I was injured from last year, our focus is definitely on the doubles. But it's not like I gave up the singles for the doubles.
Since now I was in the second round, I wanted to go into the third round. But then I had two matches today, so it was really difficult. I played six hours yesterday. I got to sleep 3 a.m. this morning. It was a big challenge for me physically. Of course, I wanted to do good in both games. But then I think we have better chances in the doubles.

Q. What kind of messages would you like to send to the Sichuan people from today's game?
ZI YAN: (Through translation.) Actually, we learned from the Sichuan people because they're really brave, not afraid of the difficulties. They were very happy. That is the same thing here happened in the game. We need to learn from them.

Q. During the second set, you lost a few points. Were you nervous or was it just physical?
JIE ZHENG: (Through translation.) During the second set, I played very conservatively. Probably you're right, I was a little bit nervous because I wanted to win.

Q. Did you think about going forward and winning the medal?
JIE ZHENG: (Through translation.) Of course, winning the medal is the wish of every player. Now what we need to do is not to think much because thinking too much might not be a good thing for us, it might actually distract us. It's good to keep it simple.

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